Sunday, December 26, 2010

Brother and Sister Jarvis

December 20, 2010

Hello family
Alright i loved all your letters and thanks for them i love getting them. looks like you guys had fun at the christmas party, hope you guys didnt miss me too much you all looked bummed out except for kel with his BIG GIDDY SMILE!!!! hahaha and his beard. tell every one hi for me!!!
alright so update on the work, first we have 2 baptismal dates one for this 25th CHRISTMAS and another for the 8th so im really excited for those. we have this really cool investigator named Fransico hes kind of a JW (jehovahs Witness), he accepted to be baptized on the 8Th. i love this guy he really has accepted the gospel. his kinda of crazy along with his family, his dad is a JW full breed and everything but hes really nice. But his family wants to BREED me, like how they breed horses to get the strongest and the best you can get well ya thats what they want to do to me!!! i thought that was really Funny.
So i would really like a hand written response from all of you to that letter you got last week, if mom and dad can you include your Patriarchal Blessing and, Amelia's too plz! i would really like to read them! i have really been reading mine a lot these past few months, to understand it and look for how i can be a better missionary.
so we have transfers this week and me and my comp are staying together in the same area im really glad about that, it wouldnt be fun to have transfers 2 days before christmas. yes i do miss rootbeer!!!! i dont know they just dont have it here, if you could send some i would be ever so grateful!!!!!! and talking about my shoes i am really fine, i dont know what happened in the communication but it really wasnt that bad, but i did buy some really good new shoes as you know mom...... so im really am good it just happens that things just fall apart here really fast but these shoes area really good!!!!
well thats all, i love you all. i am so graetful i have a kick butt awesome family liked you guys!!!! ill talk to you soon!!!
love Elder Paulson
December 14, 2010

well i really really enjoyed your letters, thank you they were very informative! im just still missin a few people, but i can have patience...... mom excelent job like always with the christmas tree i really miss fresh christmas trees, the people that put up trees here are all fake, even thhough theres like a million trees here in honduras, but i guess the people arent really worried about spending the little money they have on a christmas tree. those pictures i sent the one of me with the white boys, there from my group i really love those guys and me and elder wouden got the same suits made, we got them made together!!!!! About calling for christmas ill call you guys the 23rd because we have changes the 22nd and i dont know if i will still be in my area or not but i will give you my number so you guys can call me one way or the other. As for talking to elder garvis, that guy is awesome there from preston idaho, the Gparents old stomping grounds there going home this coming May i think they're really cool the whole mission loves them. But yeah i talked to him about my feet cause i have been haveing some problems with them and he said i just need new shoes, so i dont know what would be easier for you guys, he said he could take me to payless to find some shoes but maybe you could talk to him some more and see what would be better. well i dont still have my christmas tree it was taking up to much room in my bags i had to leave it behind in one of my old areas sorry. but its okay.
Well as for the work it still has been going kinda slow we did have a better week then last week, we found a lot more new investigators this week, and we had more investigators at church. but it still is going kinda slow. i don't know why, we're working hard, i feel good, some times i get down because our investigators arent progressing but other than that im happy. President is really working to get us motivated for this last month of the year, last year at this time we lost like 8 missionarys cause they were out doing things they werent supposed to do, so we're really focusing on just staying at the work we have to do so we dont fall into temptation. but i really like what you said dad about being as close to my heavenly father as i can be this time of year because its the last time i have this chance. i am really going to try to do that. i really love this time of year, here in the mission i have come to understand the true meaning of this time of year and what better chance i have now to help the people understand this same thing. i really am excited to be giving the best gift i can give to the children of our heavenly father!!
alright so today we had the new missionary capacitation meeting, it was really good President flores really taught us some good stuff that we can do to have more success in our areas, i really am glad to be a trainer its something i really wanted to have the chance to do here in the mission and my comp is awesome, he is going to be a much better missionary then me he really has an awesome spirit and a desire to work hard. we also went to the temple again today presidente tryed to get us in close but they really got things run tight there. but we did get a little closer then last time so that was cool. so i have almost finished the book of mormon again and with this time that will be three times i have read the book of mormon in one year!! thats more then i have in my entire life before the mission, and i really have learned a lot, that book is amazing!!
........ well im trying to think of what else has happend but its really just the same stuff that happens every day and every week and every month for me, not that im bored of it, cause i love it but i dont know what more you guys want to know. ask me. oooo dad can you send me a picture of what the jazz jerseys look like, i have heard they have gone back to the old school style. well thats all i have for this week i guess let me know about what you think with the shoes mom. i love you and thank our heavenly father for the family i have thats so awesome i love showing the pictures you guys have sent me to the people i meet. i need more pictures!! well thanks for everything! TE AMO MUCHO!!!!
Love your son
Elder Paulson

December 6, 2010

Well, I really liked your guys letters, they were all very good. Thanks dad for going to the wrestling match and taking pictures! That's awesome they beat Weber! Mom, iPhone huh..... jealous, but it's okay, I can wait. So you guys had a lot of comments about my baptismal goal, let me explain where I'm coming from with that. So in the mission President has set some mission standards, one of those is 4 baptisms a month, so I put one more with those 4. I really feel I can do it if I work hard and I'm ready to work hard. That Thanksgiving dinner was amazing, I cooked it with the other missionaries that are in our area. As for the temple they won't be done till May 2012 but that's okay I have plans on coming back to see it done.
Well as for the missionary work, it's been a little slow this week. I don't know why but we just had a lot of lessons that fell through and we haven't really had success in finding new people the people here are really close, but we just got to work harder I guess and have more faith! But we do have some positive investigators. The most positive is Fransisco he is 45 years old, he's really cool, his dad is a JW and his mom is a Die Hard Catholic, so he has a little bit of apostasy from them both but he really is looking for the truth. The other is the family Aguilar they also have a lot of apostasy but they are really nice to us, they just have a hard time following through with their commitments, but they came to church the first Sunday we met them so we are really working hard with them.
Alright so guess what..... I got my packages!!!! They really got here fast, I was thinking I was going to get them the week before Christmas and I got them this week! Thanks mom for all that good stuff the sushi stuff is awesome!!! I'm definitely going to make it! I loved it all! Thanks for the spam!!!! and tell Scott thanks for the package I'm writing him a letter.
Well my family I'm out of time, I love you all. Thanks for everything you guys do.. as for the callin I'll let you guys know. TE AMO MUCHO.
Love Elder Paulson

Sunday, December 5, 2010

November 29, 2010

Alright, so first of all sorry Mom about getting you upset with the whole gun story, yes I did tell president, I talked to him and everything he knows and I'm sure that if he felt that it was unsafe for us he would do something about it. Well I really miss the snow......I wish we could get some here, it just doesn't feel like Christmas at all here. Thanksgiving sounded fun, I dont know why you didn't have fun Mom? Just try to enjoy the times they don't come that often.
Alright so first thing, the work, well the work this week was really slow we didn't have much success, lots of contacting with not very many turn outs. We have a few investigators but not as many as we should, but I'm not sad or anything I just have faith, work hard, be obedient and do what the spirit says and let the Lord do the rest. We did though find a really positive lady last night and had a really good lesson with her, so the week wasn't completely unsucessful and who knows maybe one of the pamphlets we handed out might change someones life down the road.
So we had zone conference this week, it was really good. President talked about a lot of good stuff. But the one that impacted me the most was he talked about setting goals and how this motivates us to be better. So I thought a lot about it and realized that I hadn't set any goals in the mission for baptisms I want to complete in the mission, so I set one for myself for the last 9 months of my mission, 5 baptisms a month, 45 in 9 months, I know I can complete it with faith and hard work and that's what I'm going to do.
So today for pday we went to the temple construction site, it was really cool they really get those going fast, I have attached some pictures, and yes I did get some Thanksgiving dinner I have attached some pictures of that also, it was really a lot like Thanksgiving.!!!!!
Well that's all I have. Thanks for the letters, I love you guys, hope all is well. Mom tell Andrew I got his email, I just haven't had time to write him . Well I have to go.
Love your son,
Elder Paulson
November 22, 2010

Well I truly enjoyed all of your letters this day, Dad I laughed a lot at your description of David Nielson and his snow blower, I really need a laugh like that!!!! That's awesome about Bingham taken state! If you see Kesni tell him nice job, and also to Max I didn't know he had gotten that huge!!!! But I'm sure he still knows whose the boss!!! hahaahaha We'll see, I have lost so much muscle since I have been here. and now the sad part.......Thanksgiving, I will dearly (tear), I will not know the delicious taste of a large leg of turkey this year or the savory creamy green bean casserole, and the pie, oh! how I miss the pie, apple, pumpkin, lemon, and the always favorite rubarb........... (more tears).
Well after I wrote last week I thought I didn't tell them about my son at all. So I'll tell you now. His name is Elder Sian he's from Guatamala City, Guatamala. He is super smart, he has 3 years under his belt in medical school and he's an awesome missionary. He's kinda quiet though and we don't really have a lot in common but we get along really well. Alright so my area, its right by the airport, it's to the west of the airport like I said it's really ghetto in some parts in others not so much but we have been able to find some really positive investigators this last week, one of the best is this family of Jehovah witnesses/Catholics/ no religion at all, but they have been really kind to us and listen to our message so we'll see where that goes. Alright now the next thing I'm going to tell you is so you can truly know that Heavenly Father watches over his missionaries and I don't want anyone freaking out and calling president and asking if I'm alright because yes I'm FINE! (MOM). So the other night we were standing outside a members house waiting for him so he could go and leave with us to teach, while we were waiting these 2 guys come walking down the walk way and stop behind us and just kind of stand there and look at us for a minute, then one of them pulls out a gun and tells us to give them our cell phones, hahaaha I just looked at him and told him we don't have cell phones, they kinda looked taken back but they checked our pockets and seeing that we didn't have any they left, well a minute later they come back and ask whats in our bags. They take our bags and start looking through them, well they went through the one of my comps, because they couldn't figure our how to open mine, hahahaa and through all this I didn't feel nothing of fear or anything, well they figured out we didn't have anything they wanted so they took off and didn't come back. Once again don't freak out!!! I'm fine but I thought you would like to know.
Well that's all i have for this week. I love you all, thanks for every thing. TE AMO MUCHO!!!!
Love Elder Paulson

Sunday, November 21, 2010

November 15, 2010

Alright family
Alright so I got a lot to tell you guys, first of all I will answer your questions. We go to to an internet cafe at a mall. We had the baptisms on Tuesday because I was getting transfered out of the area. They were really awesome, the mom was crying and all. The meatball sandwiches went awesome!!!! They loved them and they wrote down the recipe and said they were going to make them all the time now, and for dad the weather is a lot cooler than before but it's not really raining that much right now but it is supposed to start again soon.
Alright, so a lot has changed this week, and I mean a lot!!!! So we got transfers last week and I was called to a new area La Pradera, in zone Comayagüela it's a really small zone and my area is pretty ghetto seeing how I just got put closer to the center of the city. But this is not the best part, I'm opening an area, they divided the area where I'm at so now there are 4 missionaries in my area, and we really don't have anything to work with we just have been contacting all this week, but that's still not the best news!!!!! I'm trainning!!!!!!!! What!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I know it's ridiculous, I had a feeling I was going to train but not open an area too!!!! It's been kind of a really stressed week for me, I'm trying not to let my "son" (when your training you call your comp your son) get all discouraged because all we do is contact. But we have had some success in that. But it really was a big change for me, coming from 6 baptismal dates to almost nothing, but I know that's not what measures the success of a missionary, I'm just more worried about my "son." I know that success will come we just have to find the people. The members here are just not as in to the work as they were in my last area, because all my investigators from my last area were referrals, and all the ones we have now are from contacting. I have found a new confidence in myself for this experience that I'm going through.
So ya, that's what is kinda happen here for me right now, but no worries, I'm good now, I'm really happy. It's just some days it's a little hard to get myself to knock another door but I always think of the scripture in Ether 12:6 It's after the test of our faith that we receive the witness. Thanks mom and dad and all the family that contributed to my Christmas package, I love you all, I have an awesome family!!!!! Thanks for everything. Well that is all I have for this week. That's all that has really happened. Te amo mucho!!!!!
Love Elder Paulson

Sunday, November 14, 2010

October 26, 2010

This is a little out of order but it was so small I had a hard time finding it. Ha, Ha!

Hello family,
Alright so this was an excellent week, we had 4 baptisms, the Family Nunez did not get baptized but we're going to go see what's up. But it was an amazing experience! Alright so that's what happened, I'm sorry I have to do this again but I'm really short on time. I love you all!!! Really I'm sorry! Thanks for everything.

Love Elder Paulson
November 1, 2010

First off I have to tell you all I'm sorry, sorry for the short letters that I sometimes send, (like 3 times in the whole mission). I try I really try but I have only 1 hour!!!! to write all of you and my mission Presidente and I have been told I have to write him first. I dont do it for a lack of love for you all, you all know how much I love you, there should be no question about that, but I'm trying to really make the best out of the time I have here and part of that requires that I am obedient to the rules of the mission. Now I don't want you all after reading this part of my letter to think " WOW what's happened to Spencer!?!?!?!, he's gone all crazy missionary on us!", that's not the case, I'm just trying to get you guys to see it from my perspective. And now I don't want you to think that you have to write me shorter emails, I have one hour a week to know whats going on in your lives and whats happening back home and trust me I really need to hear these things, I need this 1 hour to be the most informational hour of the week. Alright I'm done with this part now I just hope you can understand.
So sounds like it was a really good week for the sports back home, nice job Max keep it up! And Dad I was really worrying how the game would turn out against UVU but I guess there was no need to. but who is ranked 23rd in the nation SLCC or UVU? Well I have to say I'm a little ashamed to hear how Halloween went, not even a pumpkin carved in my home!? I tried to get some pumpkin carving going on here but we couldn't find any pumpkins, I thought about using a watermelon but it just wouldnt be the same. Today in Honduras is Dia de los muertos (day of the dead) but all they do is go to the graves of their dead family members and clean their tombs, that's all realy.
Well we had another successful week we and another baptism this weekend, just one but the guy gave a talk in church this Sunday as a member and it seemed like he had been in the church for years, he wants to serve a mission so I was stoked to hear that. Also we are teaching this awesome family that is really just eating up the gospel they really are just a family of gold!!!! This week we put a baptismal date for the 13th of November 3 days after transfers I really don't want to leave this area! We also have another family that this Sunday at church they asked what they had to do to get baptized, were working on getting them married right now. The Lord really is blessing us I don't know what we have been doing but it's working, I think that it's just that we're putting more trust in him.
So some updates on what's going on in Honduras.... well not much has changed it's about the same.... but the weather has gottin a little bit hotter and dryer but everyone still thinks its cold. This month the mission had 120 baptisms, but we're still a lot behind to complete our goal for the year of 1600. So we're just going to have to step it up!!! So like I said last week we had the baptisms, 4 in total it really was awesome they truly had big changes in their lives, men that had been drinking and smoking since they were 6 years old, and lots and lots of other things and now this next sunday they will be receiving the melquezidek priesthood! It's amazing the changes the gospel can make in someones life.
Hey mom give grandma and grandpa a hug for me and a kiss, I'll write them a note and the end here. I thought of something for the Christmas package a musibi maker, I think you could find them at the Hawaiian store in West Valley I think that is were it's at, or you could just ask the guys at Lanikai. and if you could send more songs of Israel Kamakulai, the guy that sings Over the Rainbow. You could just put them on a USB flash dirve.
Well thats all I have for now, I hope I wrote enough for you guys, thanks for every thing you all, I love you all, Te amo mucho.
Elder Paulson
Grandma and Grandpa
How are you guys, thanks so much for the money, you guys don't have to give so much! I really miss you guys, I told mom to give you a kiss and a hug for me. We really are having alot of success here. I love being a missionary it makes me sad sometimes that I have so little time left. But I'll be glad to see you guys. I love you!!
Love Elder Paulson
October 18, 2010

Alright family!!!
So first off, it's awesome to see Andrew, thanks for the pictures mom! I can't wait to hear from him. I was thinking about sending him a letter but it might be easier now just to email. If you see him again give him a bro hug for me!!!! I haven't heard from the Mondragons for a little while, I sent them a letter like.... 2 weeks ago, but it does take awhile to get there. Sorry about the short letter last week, but we have to write president and sometimes I have to tell him a lot of things. But I'll work hard on not sending short ones anymore. Dad, the team is looking really good!!! Tell the guys what's up for me. Do you go to practice every day with them? I can't wait to get back and get going with them again! But I'm kinda really out of shape we don't really get much time to work out or do anything like that, some times we play soccer on p-day but other than that not really anything else......
Alright so for what's happening here in Honduras, well first things first, I thought you guys would like to know that we haven't had electricity for a week.....why you ask? We didn't pay our power bill on time hahaha but it's not like the states where you just send it in the mail or over the internet, you have to find a bank that you can pay at and where we live there's not really any banks.... but we paid it we just have to find someone now to come reconnect the wires ( they just cut the wires here to shut your power off) but really for me it's not that bad, we're never in the house for much time, we just need a way of refridgeration and some way to cook and we would be good and we wouldn't need to have any electricity at all !!!! but my comp wants light so I guess we will get it fixed but don't worry the members feed us here, they are all really awesome...... So I have figured something out, Hondurans don't do well with rapid weather changes, the weather has turned coolish here and they just can't handle it. Everyone is getting sick, and as for me well I am just fine hahaha! They all have like big winter coats on and I'm here in my short sleeves, and they all ask me "aren't you cooled" i just say "no" and laugh. My comp has been a little bit under the weather thanks to this, but he's getting better.
Alright so for the missionary work this weekend we will have 5 baptisms!!!!!!! 1 family, Family Lopez Nuñez and we're completing 2 other families. We really have been blessed. I feel we are working hard, but then I remember that i only have 10 months left and I feel like I'm not working hard enough and I should be doing so much better. But this week we are really working hard with these people that have baptismal dates for this weekend. This week when we were visiting the Fam. Lopez Nuñez we were teaching the word of wisdom and the law of chastity, well when we were teaching the law of chastity the sister said something that made me and my comp laugh super hard. She said "Dios quire que obedicemos la ley de castidad, pero..... es bien rico!!!!" (god wants us to obey the law of chastity, but is soooo good!!!!) hahahaha she was joking around but it still was funny. This family is really awesome!!! I have truly enjoyed teaching them and when the time comes it will be that much better to see them baptized!!!! So for the first week of November the stake were in will be spliting, and will be creating a new stake, and word on the street is that Elder Ballad is coming!!! That would be so sick!!!!! We don't have any callings in the ward it's really a pretty big ward, just a question what's the attendance for our ward on sundays, if you could get that for me mom I would really appreciate it.
Alright one last thing, as you guys think about Christmas I just need to say that I'm falling out of my pants..... I have pretty much worn holes in the crouch of my pants. I can get that lady that made my suit to make me some pants and there not really that expensive. But it's just something I thought you guys could consider.
Well my family, I love you all and I thank you for your sacrifices and your love. Even when some of you find it difficult to write me. I still love you. TE AMO MUCHO)¨!!!!!! and thanks mom for the money, I truly appreciate it.

Love, Elder Paulson

Monday, October 11, 2010

New Suit!!!

Elder Paulson's house in Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Cristin's Baptism!
Walking, walking, walking! Do you think I need new socks?

Sunday, October 10, 2010


October 4, 2010

Alrighty family...
Well I have to say that this has been an excellent week for us! The best being CONFERENCE!!!!! I have been waiting for conference since April! We got to watch all sessions, and I got to watch them in English. It was sweet, all of the Gringo missionaries together in our own room watching conference, loved it! and yes mother I took notes again!!! =) I don't know how I couldn't, every talk was amazing and they all touched on awesome points!!! We also had investigators at a few of the sessions, it was like throwing a spiritual hand grenade into their lives, they had no idea what to do!!!!!! =D one of them, Elmer, has a baptismal date for this weekend. He went to the priesthood session and all of the Sunday sessions, he's been progressing so fast! and he's really gaining a testimony of the church. That family we are teaching didn't come, I don't know why, I hope they are not flaking out on us....... there name is family Nuñez but we are going to go visit them tomorrow so we will see what's up.
Alright a weekly experience that I think you guys might enjoy. So we have been visiting this inactive family, they are really nice and always inviting us over to eat and recently one of the sisters moved back to Honduras from Quebec, Canada (yes, I told them that is where my dad served his mission). Anyway, they have been living there for about 8 or 9 years, and she has three kids 2 girls and a boy the oldest 18, then 12 then 8 or 9 i think? But i guess in Canada they give you a kiss on the cheek to say hello, as they do here in Honduras, so we're visiting this family and in rolls one of her daughters ,the 12 year old, but she looks like she 16 or 17, anyways she came in behind me and I stuck my hand out to shake hers, well she took my hand but then she also leaned in and gave me a big kiss on the cheek. Well we as missionaries can't do that, but it has never happened to me before and I just sat there stunned and BRIGHT BRIGHT RED!!!!! Then she went over to my comp to do the same but he stuck his hands out shouting "NO PUEDO NO PUEDO" I can't, I can't. I was still just sitting there not knowing what to do, but she ran off embarrassed. So after we left the house me and my comp just walked home laughing! So I thought that you guys would enjoy that.
Dad the rugby game sounded sweet I'm stoked we won! The guys look like they need a lot of practice though, just from those pics I could tell what they need! But they'll get it! The weather here really has gotten a lot better, we're getting in to that cooler season, it feels like the beach in California, really I love it. Mom I'm sorry about the money thing I wasn't going to use that money at all but our mission cards weren't working so I had to use the money from home to feed me and my comp for like 3 days.
Well I love you guys. That's all I got for now. I hope all is well, I hope to hear from a FEW more people next week...... thanks for every thing. TE AMO MUCHO.
Elder Paulson


Sept. 27, 2010

Hola mi Familia,
I have to say that I loved all the letters I got this week, I also got three letters in the mail from Shae and Tina, Becca Brown, and Austin, tell them all thanks for me and I'll get a letter off to them as soon as I get a free minute. Mom....... jealous about the mountains and thanks for the pics, I will say Honduras is all just one BIG mountain but it's pretty ugly, not like our pretty Utah Rocky Mountains, when people ask me if I miss home I say yes, I miss home and I tell them I miss the mountains. Tell Max congrats on the football game and tell him to keep it up. Dad I'm stoked to hear about how the rugby team is doing those jerseys sound SICK!!!!! I'll need lots of pics and info about the game!!!! Miller & Kel dudeskies, don't go to the Cayman Islands, come here to Honduras!!!!! Roatan or Utila, I'm serious they are ten times better!!!!!! I have read all about them, they are amazing!!!
Well this has really been a good week for us in the work, we got transfers this week and.......... I'm staying where I'm at andddddd my comp is staying too, we were happy we really work well together and get along. We were able to put 3 baptismal dates in this last week, and this week we're putting another one with this family that we are teaching, we're super stoked, we invited them to come to church this week, and we were sitting there in the chapel waitng for them and they didn't come until the last minute, I was so HAPPY!!!!!!
I just wanted to share something I learned this week, my eyes really were opend up, we were at a members house, and she was telling us about some financial problems that they are having, I thought about all the people that have told me about their problems, with not having money or work and that they might lose their houses, and I felt the appreciation for what I have. I see how and where people live here, I have been in their homes and I have eaten at their tables(that's if they had a table), they have shared their struggles with me and what their families are going through at the moment. And i think about my home back in Utah where I have a washer and dryer, cable T.V., air conditioning, heat, hot water at the touch of my fingers, and many, many more things. The mission really has opened my eyes to this kinda stuff, every morning when I'm standing outside in the open air on our back patio in THE NUDE!!!!! about to pour freezing cold water all over my body to "take a shower" I think of all the times I would sit in the bathroom just letting the hot water run...... and all the times I wouldn't appreciate things like that. I think that I will never make that same mistake.
Well, that's all I have for this week. I love you all, thanks for being the awesome family you are. TE AMO MUCHO!!!
Love, Elder Paulson
Sept. 20, 2010

Alright so this has been a really crazy week for me, it all started out when I started not feeling good one night, then by Tuesday night it was obvious that I was sick, so when we got home that night I took my temperature and it was at about 101. I had muscle pains, joint pains, headache, and a cough. So I called the mission doctor and she told me to start drinking a lot of fluids and take Tylenol and that I had to stay inside and I couldn't leave to work.........I couldn't believe that I couldn't leave to work. I had left to work everyday for a whole year!!!! But I was obedient, the following day I was about the same and had to stay inside but at about 8 started feeling better, so in the morning I felt a lot better, and by the afternoon I was back to normal and was able to go out to work and I was happy. So by the time I was better it was Saturday and time for the baptism of Cristin so we went and got all that ready and got him there. His mom was able to come to the baptism. It was awesome to have her there too. She's been taking the lessons too. It turned out being an awesome experience!!!!
So that was about what my week was, really hectic!!! I got to confirm him on Sunday, it was my first time ever, kinda nervous but I got it done, President Flores has really got us focused in working with families and not with kids. I think it's realy good cause there are missionaries that baptize just to get baptisms. Hey, tell Max to get to work and start being a Spartan and being a leader for his team and tell them to step it up!!! I really miss pie there's no pie here, I would really like some pie.
I was thinking you could just find the songs on the internet then load them on to a thumb drive and send it if you want an idea of what kinda songs, just watch the other side of heaven and listen to the songs on that.
Well I love you all, your the best! Thanks mom for everything! Te amo mucho!
Love, Elder Paulson

Louis and Carmen get baptized!

Sept. 13, 2010

Alright first thing first..... BAPTISM!!!!!!!!! YAHOOOO.. hahahaha but really its awesome, Louis and his wife Carmen were baptized this Saturday the 11th of September. It was an amazing experience to see a new family enter the road to their salvation. They were really ready and they have such a strong testimony, this is the same guy I told you about that shot himself in the leg! Also we still have 2 other people with baptismal dates for this coming week! The work is going very well here for us in Honduras!

I'm sorry I grew up so fast...... hahaha sometimee I think how sweet it would be to go back to playing legos all day! hahaha but this is just part of it all I guess but there's plenty of new experiences and memories to be made so we just take what we get and make the best of it! Alright so maybe Tegus is not the ugliest city but it's up there for sure. If you really want me to I can tell you about all the things we live with like the huge tarantula I found outside my house one day and the scorpions that are all over the place and those camel spiders are here too.... ya there's a lot of that here. hahaha!

Alright about the clothes, yes I did find my sizes. It's pretty easy to when I have dropped down a couple of sizes. I bought 3 shirts 2 belts..... and a new suit.... but its not just any suit, there's a member here that owns a company that makes the suits for the Marriot here so she came to one of our meetings and she took my measurements and I got to pick out the fabric and everything and if I wanted it to fit a certan way and all that, its going to be sick I'll send you pics when I get it, which should be this Saturday. My other one is really big on me now, I feel like I'm swimming in it, and its kinda falling apart.

Well I said what I would like for chirstmas, but you guys do what you would like and I'll be happy one way or the other. YA so a little bummed about the whole you guys going to sushi......I haven't even seen a roll of sushi for a whole year, but it's all good no worries. I hope you all had fun. Alright so I'm sending pics this time but I need some pics too. Send some of those last family pics we took, I really want those.

Well that's all I have for now. I love you all, thanks for everything mom, you are the best. I got the best family in the world. Te amo mucho.
Your son, Elder Paulson

Funny Story!!!

Sept. 6, 2010

Alright familia!!!!

First mom I didn't mean to make you think that I felt bad about the whole money thing, but thank you for the money I'm really down on shirts right now, you and dad are the best!!!! and the G-parents too!!!! I couldn't ask for a better family!!! I love you all!! So I'm going to go buy some shirts today becuse I only have like 6 I think. And I'm looking for someone that can fix my pants because I'm getting the wholly holes in the crouch! Alright about the pictures, so I found out that they are not completely erased, I just got to figure out how to restore them. but they are still there, but I have been saving my pics on my thumb drive that I have, so no worries but it's getting kinda full!!! So if you guys could include one in the next package that would be awesome.

Well I'm not going to lie mom, this is one of the uglist cities in the world I'm sure!! hahahaha but I like it in some sort of a way.......? but yes it rains everyday all the time, it comes, it goes and then comes again!!. but it makes it cooler so im not complaining. Yes I have more then one pair of shoes, i just need to get them fixed and I'll be good. So don't worry about that. Yes I love those hero posters and I would love more. If there's one of David and Goliath that would be awesome! and if those little ones aren't too expensive that would be cool to give to some of the kids here. So I have been thinking about the Christmas package too and what I really want is that you can take the money that you would use to send all that and buy all that put it aside ( same for my birthday) so that when I get home we can go buy new clothes and all that good stuff that I will need when I get home. I just want a few little thing for Christmas, like if you could find hymns and church songs in Samoan or Tongan, and also one of those oil holders that looks like the horns they have in the temple those thing would be awesome!

Thanks for the football update and tell Lindsey congrats for me! So just want to tell you whats going on with the work, we have 3 investigators with a baptismal date 1 family (Louis & Carmen Gomez) they are super positive. Funny story, Louis works for a security guard company and carries a gun, well he came right from work on Sunday to church with all his stuff which includes his gun, well long story short he shot himself in the leg...... it was kinda scary at first but then it got funny because he didn't want to go to the hospital.... hahahaha . The other is Christan he's 13 but he's super smart and we have a ton of other people that are so close to a date.

Well that's all I got for the week . I love you all so much and thanks for everything!!!!! te amo mucho

Your son, Elder Paulson

Sunday, September 5, 2010

I am really in Tugus! Just mark it on the map!!

August 30, 2010

Well first I'll answer questions and explain a few things. The weather is rainy always, raining and raining. At about 5:00 it starts raining and doesn't stop till some time at night when I'm sleeping. I have practically gotten used to the humidity and constantly sweating..... that's just my life for 2 years. Yes the Dangue is really bad here, but I'm not worried, if I'm obedient the lord will protect me. YES, garments are ridiculously cheap!!!! like 50 cents, but there's a limit, we can only buy 3 pairs each time we go. I did get that envelope and those hero posters are SICK!!!! and I love that picture of Christ! All right my new area is right in the middle of the city of Tegus so just put a pin right on the city and write the date and the area so you can know that's where it is. My comp is from El Salvador, he's really cool, he only has 4 months left. Yes, I will take pictures for you, I'll get them to you next week. Yes, I lost all my pictures from the beginning of the MTC till June all gone....... but there's nothing we can do to change that. Well I hope I answered all your questions, so about the money.... it's not that i just went and blew it all on things I didn't need, I was kinda in the hole, I didn't have any more money from the mission, I had used it all on transfers and there was no food in the house when we got there. Soooo that's what happened I didn't even want to use it at all but I had to.
That's crazy that Max is already in middle school, I don't ever remember you buying me Hollister to start school...... but it's all good. Today we went to this place called Picacho, no not the Pokemon. It's this place up on top of this mountain with a zoo and with this huge statue of Christ. It was awesome, I have attached some pics of it. I started the Book of Mormon again but with the goal to read it all in Spanish this time and finish it before the end of the year!!! We'll see what happens. I'm kinda running out of clothes, they are kinda just falling apart, I don't know what you guys can do to help but thought I would just say something. Tell the grandparents hi for me and give them a kiss. Tell grandma I wash my clothes by hand. I don't know if she did that when she was a girl back in Idaho. Well I love you all, thanks mom for everything your the best!!! Te amo mucho.
Your Son, Elder Paulson

Transfer to La Pena??? Made Senior Comp!!!

August 24, 2010

Alright I'm going to try to make this a long one,

First, yes I love the news you guys send me, I wish you would send me more actually! You guys are really my only source of the outside world! and pictures, I need more pictures. If you can send those last family pictures we took that would be awsome!

Well, yes transfers did happen for me, and guess what I'm back in the city! YIPEEE........ my area is called La Peña, and like always it's pretty ghetto but also there's actually some really nice areas here too. but there's a catch, me and my comp have never been here before, they pulled both missionaries out and stuck 2 new ones in, so we have been running around with our heads cut off trying to learn our area, where members live, where old investigators live, where recent converts live, and where the boundaries of our area are. It's been a pretty hectic 4 days! But I'm really grateful also, it's going to be an awesome learning experience. My new comps name is Elder Cena (Elder Dinner in English). He's really cool, kinda quiet but he's an awesome teacher. So I finally moved up to senor comp, actually we're both senor comps. I know kinda weird but I'm down, the higher you move up the more responsibility you have. My comp has 20 months here in the mission. I'm pretty sure I'm going to "kill" him too. I'm feeling six months in this area. This is a ward with a bishop and everything, the bishop is a little military about his calling but he's really in to the work. He owns his own security company. This is the biggest area I have had since I have been here, it's HUGE!!! but I have also heard that it's full of baptisms. So that's all about my new area and where I'm at right now.

Yes, my hump day is coming, a little bummed that so much time has passed, but I know that I can't go back, I just have to keep moving forward and getting better. It's really weird to think that I have a year in the mission, I still feel like I just got here yesterday but with a lot better Spanish. That was awesome about Bingham and that Alta lost, keep me updated. That's awesome what you and Amelia are doing, you guys should really get in to that and keep at it. That would be awesome, then I could start my own catering business when I get back and we could be a full service wedding company! Hahaha! Well I love you guys, thanks for every thing, I hope this was enough for you mom, sorry i got you all distraught, You know I don't like it when you feel sad. Te amo mucho!

Your Son,
Elder Paulson

No Time to Write!!!!

August 16, 2010

hola mi familia!
OOOOOOOK!...... So it's been a week. Mom to answer your questions, first off I got one of those envelopes and I am still waiting for the other one, I'm sure it will come, that's just Honduran mail system for ya. So you liked the pictures of the wigs, well that was us at a talent show we had one night here in the branch, we just put on a little act for them. Speaking of pics, I need you to save all the ones that I have sent to you since I have been here, last week all my pics got erased.
Well we haven't had much happening this week, but transfers are this week so I might be in a new area next time I write. All is well for me, I'm healthy, thanks for all your letters I'm sorry this is so short, I ran out of time this week, I had to write my mission president a lot, but I'll write a bigger one next week, I promise. I love you all, thanks for everything.
Love, Elder Paulson

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Juan and Isla get Baptized!

August 9, 2010

Hola mi familia!
Well it has been quite a week, we had 2 more baptisms this week! Juan and Ilsa, it was awesome. These are true converts. Juan is already bringing his family so we can teach them and at church in the class we have for the investigators he was bearing this super strong testimony to one of our other investigators and I was just so happy. I know what the scripture in D&C 18:13 means now because I have felt that joy. I have attached some pics of them and some other things.
So tell me what happened, why did Amelia get laid off? I didn't think they could lay her off, isn't she like the big boss lady? Tell her not to worry, soon she will be a vet, and she will be saving a horse's life someday. That's crazy that all those people are getting married, tell them all congrats for me. So I had a pretty cool eye opening experience this week, I had this dream that I came home and you were all there in the airport waiting for me and at first I was happy and stoked to be home but then I was sad and really missed the mission and really wanted to go back because I felt like I had so much more to do, and when I woke up I was thinking about what it meant, and when I was writting in my journal I remembered a scripture I had read in Mormon 9:27-28 and know that I just need to right now start applying myself 110% to the mission and just get to work so when I'm released that I collapse because the only thing that was holding me up was the hand of the lord so I could complete my calling, and I know that if I do this I won't have any regrets about the mission!
So another funny thing that happened to us, we were in our weekly planning session and we always have our front door open and the screen door closed so I can see outside from were I sit, and I look outside and there comes walking up to the door two ladies, one old grandma lady and this young girl and they say HOLA and start going on about how they are Jehovas witnesses and want to share a message with us, so when this happens I just look at my comp and start laughing, and we are like sure hold on, so we walk out and they look at us with these big eyes and say "you live here" and we are like yep, but they shared their message and we just listened, but it was pretty funny cause we were the ones that got contacted.
Well that's all I got for this week, thanks for everything guys. Hope all is well. I love you all, hope to here from you all next week. te amo mucho!
Love Elder Paulson
August 2, 2010

Hola mi familia,

Alright here it goes I will answer your questions first.

1.That short guy is kinda like an adopted son of some members here, they don't know how old he is but he has lived with them forever. His name is Chinito, he does all the work for them, he cuts and carries the wood, he carries the water to their house. He hardly talks and when he's not doing anything he just sits in this chair they have there in their house.

2.Those are the birds of some members in my district leader's area and when I was on splits with him they showed them to us. So i took the opportunity for some sick pics.!!! hahhaha

3. Those guys are all over the place they guard the coke/pepsi trucks, they guard restaurants, grocery stores, banks, and any other place you can think of, all the Chinese restuarant have them. This time they were with an armored turck that was bringing money to the BK.

4. The missionary in the middle is my comp. Elder Eslava, the elder behind me is my DL and the others are just other missionaries. If i had time to tell their specs I would, hahaha!

I hope I answered your questions.

Well first mom I want to tell you sorry I got you all worked up about not getting the letter last week, I really was fine, I have learned to deal with this kind of thing. But as you have all said this month will be my hump day, and I still have a lot of learning to do and I feel like I still just barely got here. It really makes me bummed out when I think of how much time has passed already and I already only have one more year in the service of our Lord!

Well with Patricia and Dago, Dago and his daughter got baptized but Patricia and her other kid did not, she has a problem with work and her boss is a big fat JERK!!!! and wont give her the time off to go to church, people need at least 2 times going to church before they get baptized. Sooooo.... we're still working with her and praying a lot. I'm going to talk to her about quiting her job and putting faith in the Lord that he will help her out.

I know that this wasn't a lot, but I ran out of time, I'll be sending a letter this week to you guys. I have a goal to do that every week. Well, love you guys and hope all is well. I love you all!


Sunday, August 1, 2010

July 26, 2010


Well mom I know that I didn't send an email last week......and I'm very sorry, there was a problem with the internet and it was just making me very mad!!!! But now I'm writting you so don't worry. But I didn't get an email from you I just got dads email today and that was it and that letter you forwarded me from chance.

So this week we had a pretty good week we have seen a lot of progression with our investigators. The Family Flores is still doing better, but we are worried about baptising the mom because she works on Sundays and so that means she wouldn't be able to go to church, so then she would not be fulfilling her baptismal covenant. But we are going to see what we can do, we're going to talk with her verly clearly about this. We put a baptismal date also this last week with one of our investigators his name is juan Bonilla and he accepted, so we are going to be working with him a lot but its kinda hard to work with him becuase his whole family are die hard Catholics so there's really no help from there. Now this investigator I'm going to tell you about has a problem I thought I would never find here in catholic country Honduras..... she doesn't believe in Jesus Christ..... her name is Kenya. She belongs to a religion called Bahii or somthing like that, but ya they don't believe in Christ so all we are teaching is Christ, Christ, Christ and more Christ and it's working she's coming to church and she wants to have the lessons. So were really working hard with her!.

Well this week I had quite a cool spiritual experience with the Book of Mormon. Presidante Flores challanged us in June to read the Book of Mormon in three months and I have been rockin.... I'm just getting done with 3rd Nephi. but i was reading in Helaman15:12-13,16 and while i was reading these three verses i had a very strong confirmation from the spirit of the importance of my calling to Central America to serve among the descendants of the Lamanites and to complete the promise of the Lord to them. The reason that was such a amazing experience for me was because I was having some doubts about if this is really where I'm supposed to be, because you guys know that I wanted to go to Samoa or Tonga, but after this experience I know I'm supposed to be here.

Well since I didn't get any questions from you guys that's all I really got for this week then. I love you guys thanks for every thing. I hope to hear from more of you guys next week........?????

Love, Elder Paulson

Sunday, July 25, 2010

July 19, 2010

The internet was down in the town where Elder Paulson is serving and so he could not write to us this day. First week we had not received a letter from him. I called the mission office just to make sure that he was okay, no Dengue fever or anything illness that might have been keeping him from sending that much anticipated letter. Not really expecting anything but a email back telling me that everything was just fine, I received a phone call from the mission office elder telling me that he has spoken to Elder Paulson and he was just fine and that I should get out and do something to get my mind off him. Funny!!! Oh well, so I have the reputation of being a mother who worries, pretty sure I am not the first nor will I be the last! Made me feel better to know that he was fine!

Not sure about the birds on Elder Paulson's shoulder, but he loves the creatures of Honduras so I had to share them! This is the family that he has been working with, Roberto, Patricia, Gabriela, Dago, and I am not sure about the smallest child's name.

July 12, 2010

Well hello to another change,
So this will be the first letter you will be getting from my 7th change in the mission!!! It feels like time has gone by so fast, and I feel that I only have so short of a time to be a part of this work! Well I got my new comp last week, I'm still in the same place. My new comp is Elder Eslava from..... Peru, this will be my second companion from Peru.I have already learned a lot from him he is an amazing teacher and I think that we are going to be really good friends.
So this last week we didn't have any baptisms, we put a couple dates, but we will see how they go. We're still having problems with that family that we baptized the week before, the mother in law is causing a lot of problems, she didn't want them to get married..... and it's just a big mess. We are going to have to go fix another problem they are having! But i know that if they just focus in on the things of the gospel they wouldn't be having these problems.
So we have had some big changes in the world wide mission organization, every 6 weeks we would have zone conferences and also interviews with the President, but now everything is happening every three months! That's a long time, they are really putting a lot more confidence in the missionaries now! It's alot more honor system. There's been a BIG!!! problem here in Honduras with Dengue fever ( I think that's how you spell it) it's carried around by the mosquitos, and people are dying from it. We now sleep with mosquito nets that the mission gave us and there's been a lot of stuff going on in the church to prevent it, and in the mission. but I'm not worried, I know the Lord will protect us, and if we just follow the rules of how to stay safe will be fine.
Thanks mom for sharing that with me, I have always considered you my friend and I don't know what our relationship would be like without that part of it. I'm super bummed that you didn't get my letter, it was an awesome letter but I'll write another one like it, I think I saved a copy of it. Well a few crazy things I have eaten..... cow stomach, chicken feet, this little fruit called nanci ( they call it the cherry's evil twin),they make homemade pork rindes here but I like them. It's mostly just rice and beans with fried platanos.
Right now I'm reading this talk that my comp has called the "The Atonment of Jesus Christ" it's amazing. I have learned so much from it, it was written by and Elder Skousen I think, I'm sure you could find it on the internet, but you guys should really read it.
Well I did get garments but shirts no, but I need your guys help, I need to pay for that family that got married and it's like 30 bucks or something like that do you think you guys could help me. Also mom I have seen those hero pictures, if you could find some and send them to me that would be awesome, the walls of our house are pretty bare, and if you could send a another picture of Jesus Christ like what you sent for christmas that would be awesome, but mom I'm grateful always for what you guys do for me, I love you all and hope all is well.
Love your son, Elder Paulson
P.S. to Max
Hey Bro, hows it going? I just wanted to write you and say... WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!!!!???? Dude you have to play football! It's obivous you are not going to wrestle, but you have to play football, you have so much potential! You could be amazing if you keep going and working your butt off in football, you could be better then me!!! But think about that!

July 5, 2010

mi familia

First answer: Yes I got my package! hahaha and it was awsome! I loved everything you sent, all that Chinese candy and the spam and sushi and the Reeses. I have to say mom, you did very well on hiding that mp4 player, I didn't even know where it was, I opened those speakers and I said " why did she send me these if she didn't send anything to listen to?" hahaha! But everything was very cool and I loved it all. Yes that Johnny Lingo movie was the same one I had, but it's okay and I was stoked for the Other Side of Heaven but it doesn't have and Spanish settings, but it's okay. I loved it all and I'm more than grateful for you doing all that for me. That mp4 player works just fine. I loved it. I had to share my dingdongs with the district but it was alright.
So word on the work. well we didn't get the "whole" family baptized this week. We did get them married but the mom and one of the kids don't have the attendance at church they need but the dad (Roberto) and his daughter (Gabriela) did get baptized. The mom (Patricia) and the son (Dago) have a date for the 24th of July!!!! hahahaha! The mom was at the baptism of her husband and her daughter and after she came up to us and said she wanted to be baptized with them and she was all bummed out, and the son (who is 8) came up to me and asked when could he be baptized, it was an awesome experience! So they are really fighting for this date, and the cool thing is the dad will be able to baptize them. They got married on Friday. We also are teaching her sister and her boyfriend so we might have to be doing another wedding but I'm not complaining, it's worth it to baptize them.
That was really awesome what Jenny said about Uncle Reed, those things are really true, he really did live like that and we are all better people if we follow his example like that.

Well my comp left for home today so I'll be getting a new one on Wednesday, I don't know who it is but I'll let you know next week. Well I love you all. Thanks for everything. Thanks mom again for all. Té amo mucho!!!
Love your son, Elder Paulson

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Birthday package finally arrives! Yeah, only 7 weeks to get there!
Dressed for rain, not the whimpy Utah rain!
No words to explain this photo!
June 28, 2010

Hello to another week!
Alright, first I'm sorry I didn't write yesterday, we had to go to the office and go to emigration to take out my identification and go through all that fun stuff! So, ya that's why i didn't write yesterday.
So this last week was a good week, that family is still progressing, they still haven't been married. We are still waiting on some papers that we need, but we are hoping and praying for this week. Plans are we are going to marry them this week and then baptize them on Sunday, because the sister works everyday of the week so we're hoping for a miracle on that. We have been finding alot of new people this week to teach, which I have been excited for! This month the mission baptized 112 people and this month completes a year for Pres. Flores and from this time last year to now the mission has baptized 1127 people,1127 children of God! Who were lost and have now found their way back home again! Like what Pres. Flores shared with us I feel the same when Ammon rejoices in the Lord ( Alma 26). I have really been focusing on my obedience to the rules of the mission and can truely say that I have felt the spirit of the Lord in work more now!
This week we haven't had that much rain, it rained a lot on Friday to the point of rivers in the streets and the rivers rising to touch the bridges, but that's nothing new here. It has been really humid but I'm kinda just getting used to it ow, there's nothing I really can do to change it so I just live with it. Well that's it for now, I'm out of time I only had a 1/2 hour today because it's not our day to write. Love you all, I'll write more next week.
Thanks for everything mom, I hope you like the pics, love you!!!!
Love your son, Elder Paulson

Sunday, June 27, 2010

This letter was address to Elder Paulson's father at the passing of his brother Reed Norton Paulson on June 16, 2010, he will be greatly missed in our lives!

June 21, 2010

Buenas Tardes mi Padre,

Say hello to another Monday, and a Monday I kinda wasn't looking forward to knowing the news that was waiting for me. First I hope your doing alright dad, this is not something that someone looks forward to hearing when he is so far from home. I have been thinking alot about you guys this week. I got a call from President Flores on Friday afternoon, I had no idea what he could be calling me for, but when he told me it hit me like a ton of bricks. I'm going to miss my Uncle Reed, I don't have very many uncles.....I guess I'm down to one now. And I'm kinda bummed out that I didn't take those last few chances to go sailing with him... I'm going to miss that.

In this past few days I have found comfort in the words of Pres. Hinkley, he wrote a poem about death, you might have read it before but I would like to share it with you. It goes something like this....

"What is this thing that men call death,
This quiet passing in the night?
´Tis not end, but genesis
Of better worlds and greater light.

O God, touch thou my aching heart,
and calm my troubled, haunting fears.
Let hope and faith, transcendent, pure,
Give strength and peace beyond my tears.

There is no death, but only change
With recompense for vict'ry won.
The gift of him who loved all men,
The Son of God, the Holy One".

I hope that this brings the same comfort it has brought to me.

Well other things from this week, that family has a baptismal date for next week and they are getting married this week. As for paying for stuff, we might get most of it for free, a member has connections so we are going to see what we can do, and it's not that we need a marriage license, it's other things, Honduras is weird!!! Also this week we found two new families to teach. So I was pretty stoked for that. We have been contacting a lot. We have interviews tomorrow with the Presidante, I'm looking forward to those.

I have been keeping it a goal to write in my journal every night. Before I hardly wrote in it at all!! But I'm getting better. Also I have been working on studying Spanish a lot more!!!!! You know how well I pick things up like that. I wanted to ask you when was the last time you saw your scriptures from your mission, or read your French scriptures. You should get those out and read them.

Don't worry I hear about the Honduran soccer team everyday, they lost today too! hahahaha! We get to play sometimes on p-days but I don't really like it that much!

Well dad, I'm out of time. I love you, thanks for everything dad!

Love your son,
Elder Paulson
June 14, 2010

Hey Mom-

Well, just for your sake I'll tell you I got my package, hahahaha! I'm not going to lie it didn't really feel like my birthday at all, I kinda forgot, hahahaha! We didn't really do anything, it's kinda hard when no one knows hahaha, But I'm glad you guys got to do something fun for you and that you didn't really have to worry about my birthday for a change. I hope you got that letter I sent a while ago, that was a Mother's Day/Birthday letter but I'll be sending another one off sooner or later.

I will send pictures of the house next week, the house itself isn't all that but the tree are awesome! and I'll try to get pictures of the town,I don't carry my camera around with me that much but I'll see what I can do. So we have found an awesome progressing family that has been progressing super fast. This week we are marrying them ( 90% of the population of Hondurans don't get married they just live together) and then they have a baptismal date for the next! So I have been super stoked for this. I have been praying to find awesome families to teach! So say some extra strong prayers for them! plz

I know that your teaching the girls things that they need to know. I wish we had someone to teach the girls here like you, they really need that. Honduras is not really the best place to find a good influence! So just keep doin what your doin with them and they will thank you for it! I noticed that Max was using my tie but I guess that's alright. Tell him to keep his chin up in middle school and to not let those stupid 9th graders push him around! Don't worry you will do fine singing in the funeral but I'll still say a prayer for you!

Well mom, I don't have much time today sorry ¡Te amo mucho y gracias para todos!

I love you!

Love your son, Elder Paulson

June 7, 2010

Bueno trades mi familia!
Well it has been a week just like you guys, first I am very sad to hear about Uncle Dan, that's one of the last things you want to hear when you are on your mission, but also like you guys I know that he is in a much better place! Give grandma my love and a big hug for me!
Well so this week we had to drop that baptismal date we had, the girl that we had it with is very hot and cold, one time she'll be all for it but then when we leave she doesn't want to do anything to prepare herself so the spirit leaves and then comes Satan. But we are not going to give up on her, my comp is a little fed up with her because he has had a baptismal date with her before and the same thing happened. So I'm going to see what I can do about that! We found an awesome family this week and they are progressing really fast! They read the Book of Mormon and I mean they really read it and obtained a witness of it so we are really focusing on them, the only problem is that the wife works on Sundays so it's going to be hard to get them to church. We also have another family that when we taught them the Book of Mormon they were all over it and excited to read it and learn more! So I have been pretty stoked about that this week.
Just a little bit more about my area, its full of die hard Catholics!!!! and they are all over the place. but I would much rather teach them than Evanglicals, those Holy Roller people.
So I love my new house, I have three mango trees in my backyard and a lime tree and an avacado tree and a noni tree! It's awesome! Well I don't have much more than that right now, I did get my shoes, 3 pairs for under 20 bucks and good pairs too. A pair of florshiems, a pair of Boston's and a pair of black cowboy boots they are awesome! and as of right now I have not gotten my package but they bring mail on Wednesday so I might get it then. Thanks for the money mom, I love you and thanks for all the things you do. I like the sound of hiking Angle's Landing when I get back! Well that's all I can think of, I love you all! Don't worry, I'm all good here, just working like always! Some days better then others! I love you all!!!!
Love Elder Paulson

letter for grandma.....
hola grandma, how are you i know thats kind for riddiculas question but i hope your are good just remember that uncle dan is just in a better place now doing a greater work theres a poem i would like to share with you its by pres. hinkley but i cant remeber it but mom can look it up its called "what is this thing that men call death" i hope that it brings a little more peace to you, remember that i love you i always will i send a big hug with this letter! i love you
love your grandson
elder paulson
June 1, 2010


Okay so first I'll tell you where I'm at. I got transferred to an area called La Villa de San Antonio, its this little, little pueblo (village) in the middle of the Comyagua Valley. It's so small, smaller then my first area I was in. I'm here with Elder Lopez from Peru, and I'll be his last comp in the mission. So that makes a total of 3 comps that I have "killed" (that means that I'm their last comp) so far and that's a lot I guess, most people only kill one their whole mission. I don't know why I have been called to be the undertaker of the missionaries, but he's an awesome missionary, he works hard and I get along with him really well! So ya that's where I'm at right now.

So for the storm, where I'm at it's just raining a lot, a lot! It's been raining for almost 5 days straight! But in the city there's been flooding and all the rivers are overflowing, there are places where it has flooded up to the second levels of buildings. In my last area I had to cross a bridge to get back in the city and right now that bridge is closed so I don't know what the elders are doing in that area! and all the members. Last I heard is that it was close to breaking.... so ya I don't know what's going on there! But don't worry I'm fine, I actually like the rain because it means that there's no scorching hot sun! Which I keep hearing about here, is how hot it is here!

So my 3rd day here we put a baptismal date with an investigator, we hadn't even planned to put one but in the middle of the lesson I felt a really strong impression to put a date with her, and she accepted. It was an awesome experience. So let me tell you guys about the branch here, this Sunday we had a WHOPPING 35 in attendance and me and my comp had to pass the sacrament! hahahaha But we have had a lot of help from members and when teaching they go a lot with us to appointments. My comp said the attendance was so low because no one wanted to walk in the rain.... talk about a bunch of sissys!!! He said the attendance is normally like 90-95 so we will see this next week. I don't know if I told you guys but Elder Don Clark of the area presidency came and visited us, it was awesome and he talked on a lot of good points! He really helped me out alot!

So let me say something about changes, I like them and I don't like them, I like them because I get to know new places and new people and it's kind of a new start in the work with a fresh area that I have never been in. But I don't like them because they make me homesick for some reason.....I don't know why but for like the first 4 days of the change I'm really homesick and it's really hard and bums me out!!! But usually Monday i'ts gone!!! So now I'm good, but just wanted to tell you guys that I really thought about you guys a lot this week and missed you! I have yet to receive my package but that might be because I have been moved out of the city! So I hope I'll get it soon. I got an email from Jaxon today and he got his mission call and he's going to Thailand, Bangkok mission, you guys will have to go to his farewell. A little jealous but I'm here and I'm over it, hahahaha! Also got an email from Parker Miller who is on his mission in San Jose, California, and his comp is a poly from New Zealand, hahahaha again a little jealous.

Well that's all I got for you guys this week, thanks for everything, I love you all very much. Hope all is well, thanks mom for every thing! I love you.

Love your son, Elder Paulson

May 23, 2010

Its has been a week, we will say that. Thanks mom for the help with the shoes, I'm going to buy them today! Last week I couldn't find any in my size! but we're going to a place today where I'm pretty sure they have my size! So not much has really happend this week pretty much the same thing I do every day and week and month of my mission, teaching people. Right now its been really hard to find people to teach, I don't know if it's because there is just not anyone really ready or if we are just not looking in the right places, but I'm praying everyday for the guidance of the Lord.
This last Wednesday Elder Don Clark, the area president came and talked with us, it was awesome. I felt like fighting lions after!!! He taught us so many good things about being missionaries. He's going to be a member of the 12 some day! His wife also talked to us, it was nice to hear a white motherly type person! I miss that alot here, moms just aren't the same here, they love their kids but I don't know it's just different! But I am really working on practicing what Elder Clark said, he talked about how a mission isn't something just about numbers but about changing lives, that it's a time to bring salvation to the children of God, it was awesome!!!
We are getting changes tonight, so the next time I write you I'll either be with a new comp in a new area or with a new comp in my same area, or with the same comp..... but I'm hopeing that dosen't happen!!! It's crazy how fast time goes by here! I was talking with one of the other elders of my group and he was saying the same thing! and before you know it I will be home. But i know what I'm supposed to be doing right now and that's my focus. I love you all, sorry this is so short but there is just not that much happening right now. The picture is of a milliped that i found at a service!
Well I love you all and you all are always in my prayers
Thanks mom for everything! I love you.
Love Elder Spencer F. Paulson