Sunday, June 27, 2010

June 14, 2010

Hey Mom-

Well, just for your sake I'll tell you I got my package, hahahaha! I'm not going to lie it didn't really feel like my birthday at all, I kinda forgot, hahahaha! We didn't really do anything, it's kinda hard when no one knows hahaha, But I'm glad you guys got to do something fun for you and that you didn't really have to worry about my birthday for a change. I hope you got that letter I sent a while ago, that was a Mother's Day/Birthday letter but I'll be sending another one off sooner or later.

I will send pictures of the house next week, the house itself isn't all that but the tree are awesome! and I'll try to get pictures of the town,I don't carry my camera around with me that much but I'll see what I can do. So we have found an awesome progressing family that has been progressing super fast. This week we are marrying them ( 90% of the population of Hondurans don't get married they just live together) and then they have a baptismal date for the next! So I have been super stoked for this. I have been praying to find awesome families to teach! So say some extra strong prayers for them! plz

I know that your teaching the girls things that they need to know. I wish we had someone to teach the girls here like you, they really need that. Honduras is not really the best place to find a good influence! So just keep doin what your doin with them and they will thank you for it! I noticed that Max was using my tie but I guess that's alright. Tell him to keep his chin up in middle school and to not let those stupid 9th graders push him around! Don't worry you will do fine singing in the funeral but I'll still say a prayer for you!

Well mom, I don't have much time today sorry ¡Te amo mucho y gracias para todos!

I love you!

Love your son, Elder Paulson

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