Sunday, December 27, 2009

No Christmas Present!

December 21, 2009
Hola y feliz navidad!

Okay so for your questions first calling you guys, I’m going to be calling you Wednesday to set up a time to call you guys for the longer time on Christmas, so be ready for the call Wednesday, I will be calling the house cause I don’t remember any numbers. Ha! Ha! Ha! Second, no I did not receive my package for Christmas………………(this Christmas I will not be opening any presents in the morning, but it’s all good!) I’m going to use the money you sent me to buy a gift for myself because buying those cases for my scriptures is just to hard right now, being so far away from the office. I’m going to buy some more memory for my camera. So be sure to be home ready for my call Wednesday at 1:00 or around 1. I don’t know the time difference I think it’s the same.

Okay, so for this last week, we will only be having one baptism on the 26th because the 4 other people haven’t attended church yet and they need to at least come 2 times, and I know that sounds weird that they are getting baptized but they haven’t been to church but they are ready. They read the scriptures and pray and follow the word of wisdom, they just have family problems and its hard for them to attend church, but we still have the one! No I haven’t been able to use your testimonies yet but I think I will the next time we teach their family. We did really have the best week, it was a hard one with a lot of traveling to and from Teguc and Juti which is the other pueblo in are zone. We had to go there for some meetings, but we did have a Christmas activity with the members………… and guess who was Santa Clause…………..ME! hahahaha! Ya, it was awesome, I was a pretty sweet Santa Clause, I bought a Santa suit for 100.00 limps which is like 5 bucks.

Not much has really happened around here. Oh, so it started raining last night around 8 and it hasn’t stopped yet!!! There is some big storm passing by I guess. We did a white elephant gift with all the missionaries in our zone and I got a my first Honduras fĂșĂștbol jersey, I am officially a Hondurano now, hahahaha! So something weird about here, they celebrate Christmas on Christmas eve?????? They really don’t do anything for Christmas day but we are suppose to be in our houses early on Christmas eve because all the people do here for Christmas is drink and drink and drink!!! And that’s about it, it doesn’t really feel like Christmas at all here. I have to keep reminding myself about it and the biggest thing I miss is the snow this time of year, I don’t like being cold but I would like to see snow for Christmas………… Oh, well, I guess I’m not going to change that.

Well that’s all I got for now, I’ll talk to you guys in a couple of days, tell everyone Merry Christmas for me, all the people that ask about me and that stuff. I miss you guys, hope all is well, hope you guys don’t miss me too much on Christmas, hahahaha! I love you guys.

Love, Elder Spencer F. Paulson ""The Hulk""

Friday, December 11, 2009

No Power for 2 days!

Hola Familia, December 7, 2009
Okay so I will fill in the questions below, but first last week the reason I didn’t write is that we didn’t have power for two days and elections were going on. Here in Catacamas it wasn’t that eventful, the army was all over the place so that is maybe why. We had the new missionary’s evaluation last week and I got two of the elders of my district from the MTC and the ones that are in Comayaguela said there were bombs going off everywhere and gun fighting in some places. Ha! Ha! I wish I was there. Also this week is transfers and I’m getting a new companion. His name is Elder Batres he is a Latino. I don’t know anything more about him right now though. More info when I meet him. Sorry for all the short letters. So I didn’t really even know that Thanksgiving happened, Ha! Ha! I asked the other gringo elder in our zone when Thanksgiving was and he was like "Elder is was 3 days ago" Ha! Ha! So, it doesn’t even feel like Christmas now its weird!!! Ha! Ha! But I think about you guys and Christmas a lot, that’s gonna be hard. I went and bought some lights and I’m going to buy a little Christmas tree to put my presents under, Ha! Ha! I’ll send pictures also, check your Shutterfly. I am going to try to send pictures to it. This week we are still working with that family and a lot more, no one is really progressing. We need to get them to come to church and they just won’t!!! Everyone in Catacamas belongs to a Evangelical (I have no idea how you spell it but it is the people that dance and sing and run up on the stage, talk in tongues and that crazy stuff). They are like Starbucks to Boston! They are every where and people just go to them because they live close to one and and if a new one is built closer to their house they will go to that one. Ha! Ha! So I will let you know when they progress. I am going to go so I can send pictures. I hope this was long enough. Tell Kaelen I am sorry for not saying goodbye, I was so busy packing and all that, tell him to keep working hard and that I love him and to learn as much of his language as possible. I wish I would have learned more. Well I love you all very much, I also sent you guys letters last week. I love you guys very much and miss you, the church is true, if it wasn’t I wouldn’t give two years of my life! Love You!!
Love, Elder Spencer F. Paulson THE HULK
Below are the questions and Spencer’s reply:
1. Your companion. Answer: Okay so Elder Tay is from Guatemala he’s got a pretty big family and he makes me laugh a lot, lets just say he would fit in with my group of friends perfectly well without a language barrier but that’s what makes him so funny sometimes. He helps my out a lot and he’s a really hard worker, I don’t have any complaints about him 2. The people, your church members, your church, what you do in your branch, etc. We found a picture of your building on the internet, it looks pretty nice. Answer: So there’s two little branches here because there is two different areas, I really like a our branch all the members are really nice and always try to help me out with my Spanish, the missionaries kinda run the church in these little pueblos. Our area president is awesome, he’s over both branches, he is always talking to me and helping me with Spanish, this week we are working on the Christmas activity that is going to be fun, guess who is going to be Santa?...... ME!!!! hahahaha 3. The city where you are. Answer: Okay so Catacamas is in the middle of the state of Olancho it is also the capital city in Olancho. It is very small for the capital city, there is about 8 blocks of concrete streets in each direction then dirt or cobblestone roads. I don’t know about the rest of Honduras yet but people here in Catacamas are just little bit crazy, its just part of who they are, it always keeps you on your toes, Ha! Ha! Most everyone is nice here, I haven’t been robbed yet. Ha! Ha! 4. Where do you send your emails from. Answer: We go to a little internet cafe a few streets up from our apartment, the internet just sucks here. I don’t think it is any problem on your end its just bad internet here. 5. How is the teaching going, can we do anything to help you besides pray. Answer: The teaching is alright, we have a lot of new investigators. The Elders before us were not really that good so we have had to do a lot of make up for their slacking! Not right now, but I’ll let you know, I just need to find out what works for the people here, how I can get to there hearts. Is the Spanish going okay, now? Spanish is coming, it’s just time and practice I need and studying, but it is a lot better since the MTC.