Monday, June 13, 2011

June 13, 2011

Well sounds like a lot of crazy things are going on back home!!!!!! Sounds like you guys had a good time with the whole Birthday thing for mom!!! and i just want to say happy BIRTHDAY MOM!!!! I hope it was an awesome one!!!! I love you tons and am so grateful that you are my mom. For me the birthday was almost just kind of another day except that I saved the presents to open and my zone leader bought a little gift thing so that was nice but other than that it was just a normal day, but not that I was bad or anything I really enjoyed dedicating my birthday to the Lord, it's not like I don't owe it to him anyways for all that he has done for me I don't see the whole mission thing any more as putting my life on hold for 2 years so I can serve the Lord, more it's that I find myself once again in his debt for the things he has done for me in my life here in the mission. So I am more than happy to have my birthday pass as just a normal day while in the work of the Lord.
So this is my first week as trainer again, it's always the hardest because they know nothing and you really have to help them along but it's such an awesome experience to see them grow and become the missionary the Lord has intended them to be and be apart of that growing with them. This new training program that we are doing is reallly awesome and I am learning a lot from it. I'm really gratetful that the Lord has given me this opportunity to be a trainer to finish my mission, we kind of had a hard week in the district but we are working on getting it better and helping the other elders. but all is moving along
This week we have the opportunity to hear Elder Falabela of the seventy come and talk to us missionaries which is really awesome. I love this opportunity to learn from these men of the Lord. I have a lot of things I am hoping he can help me with, I have learned that if I write what I want to change or to better on a piece of paper and then take notes in these meetings I usually find the answer.
So we are working with this new family that is really cool, the family Espinal, they are a really humble family and even more humble with the fact that the husband isn't working right now because he had his big toe amputated about 2 months ago and it still hasn't healed, but they have much faith in the sense that he had a doctors appointment but decided to come to church instead so I really love them and they have had really good progress. So if you can include them in your prayers that would be awesome.
So I really loved everything that was in the package, I have been fighting off hordes of missionaries for those chocolate chip cookies and grandma's cookies that you sent me, just one thing.... the whole green tea candy's ya I'm really grateful for them and the thought but.... ya, but the rest was awesome. Thank you all mom, dad, Amelia and Kel (the dried squid was gone before Sunday it was really good).
Well i just have to tell you all thanks for everything, I love you all so much.
love Elder Paulson

Sunday, June 12, 2011

June 6, 2011


hey guys, well i'm really happy this week, not saying that i'm not happy every week it's just that this week was really good!!!!..... we got a lot done and had a lot of success, so for that i'm happy. in your letters it sounds like you are all doing good not much happening in the HOOD but at least you're all well and that's what counts. so there's lots of new things to tell you guys and i'll get right to that.

so first of all the family Gonzalez Amador was finally married!!! after much problems and things that just..... well just made me really angry. but that's all over, we got them married even though we had to wait in a traffic jam 20 miles long for 2 hours when we had to be there at a certain time and then dealing with the people at the place where they got married because there were some papers wrong and the wedding almost didn't happen..... but it did. and then they were baptized on saturday.... well the dad no but the rest of the family si. he hasn't come to church since we have been teaching him but after he saw the baptism he told me that he was coming to church and he did, then after he told me that next week he would be there to so i'm really excited. we are planing on having him baptized the 18th of this month.

okay another thing...... and this one is more kind of a "wow are you serious" type thing. so we got transfers next week, but on saturday i had to go to a meeting and found out that it was a meeting for trainers of new missionaries....... i was like "WHAT, IM TRAINING AGAIN?" and i am.... but not only am i tranning i'm part of a pilot test program that the church is doing for a new type of training program for new missionaries that will start in August, they have had the mission presidentes picking a few of the missionaries that will be training to start using the program so they can see furture problems or stuff like that, and not only is all that happening but i am still going to be a district leader!!!! what... i know i don't know why, i just know it's happening. but it's all good i know the Lord doesn't make mistakes and if he wants me to do all this, i guess it's possible.

well one other thing. this last Thursday we had a leadership training meeting, and at the end Presidente Flores asked if there was some one that wanted him to go work with them that night and i was the first to raise my hand, so from 6:00 in the evning to 9:00 at night we had presidente with us and it was awesome he is such a stud!!! i have learned so much from him in my time here and it has been awesome he taught us some really important things that night and i was really grateful to have him with us.

well i got the package and i'm super stoked for what's inside!!!! thanks a ton for that guys your the best!!!! and also thanks for your love and all that you do for me. i hope all is well that it keeps going well .

with much love

Elder Paulson
May 30, 2011

hello family

okay let me just say how crazy this is.... I have only 3 months left in the mission!!!!! thats so crazy!!! it's going by so fast and i don't know what to do? i'm just trying to live it up as much as i can and i would say you guys should too!!!! it's very few times that you have a son or a brother or a grandson, or etc. in the mission. i'm going to make this last 3 months the best.

so some sad news first...... the baptisms didn't happen... we had problems with marriage papers and all that good stuff but the elder that's in charge of all this in the office said that for sure this week and all will be ready so they will be being married and baptized this weekend. so we are just working to get them ready this week so that all goes well. they are an awesome family and i love them. we have been working really hard to find new people this week so we can start getting them ready for baptism in the month of June but it's been kind of a struggle. but we don't let this kind of stuff get us down.

alright well it sounds like you all had a nice time this week with the family. sounds like all are doing well. and also with Hermana Rodriguez and her family. she is a really nice lady, she washed our clothes for free when i was in that area. and it looks like you made her one of my favorite dishes...... jealous....... but that's okay no worries. i'm glad you guys got to know her and spend some time with her.

so it's been that good old rainy season here in Honduras!!! every day without fail we get a good down poor and it fills the streets and the whole country just shuts down!!!! no one does anything when it raining they just go inside and hide! they stopped working if it's raining they just don't do anything!! but that's okay i love the Hondurans for their crazy ways. they talk with their hands a lot. me and the other elders have been working on figuring out the language and what the hand motions mean. so if when i come home and talk more than normal don't wonder why hahahaha.

well guys that's all i got that's all the new stuff i got this week for you. thanks for everything you do and i love you all for it your the best in the world.

Love elder paulson

sorry no new pics, there just has not been alot of things to take pictures of.

May 23, 2011


well this is another week that has passed by and one with a little more stress and worrying but a good and happy one nonetheless. we have had our up and downs this week but the Lord comes out triumphant always. and i will tell you why.

well to start we have been trying to get 2 families married this week..... let me just tell you this is a huge stress package. we have to get so many papers for them and pick the day and the whole money thing.... speaking of which i still don't know how we are going to pay for them for all this, but it's all worth it!!!! if all goes well they will be married and baptized this weekend, so pray, pray very much for them plz. but they are awesome people and i so hope all goes well, i promised one of them that if the dad gets baptized (because he hasn't gone to church so he can't get baptized even though he his awesome) in a year i would bring them to the states to get sealed in the temple he seemed to be pretty motivated by that.

so the package thing sounds good im really excited and yes i think that would be awesome if you invited them over!!! take and send some pixs with them.

Well this week we went and found ourselves in this crazy area of our area. The best way i could describe it is by combing some jungle in the Bronks of New York..... this was kind of crazy and there's a lot of gang activity there, but we didn't have any problem with them but it's down in the hole and you just have to keep goin down, it kind of reminded me of Lord of the Rings.

Dad i really liked your letter thanks for info on everything, I'm really excited either way and hope that you can get that worked out.

well i love you all and hope all is well

love elder paulson
May 16, 2011

Hello you guys.

well its another week, i thank you all that wrote me, mom, dad, kel. And to those that haven't..... well ya. thanks for the pixs mom and to dad and kel thanks for the info on kesni. these weeks just keep flyin by and i don't know why. i guess when its somthing you really love doing time just goes a little bit faster. we continue in the work of the Lord in the good ol´ Honduras. it hasn't been the most up week but we don't let stuff get us down.

well first of all i'll tell you about the family we are working with..... well they didn't come to church this week they escaped from us, we went by their house in the morning to get them ready and when we talked to them they said they were going to go. so we said we were going to come back because we had a few other people to go get up and ready, well when we came back the mom had left to "run some errands" and the dad was "sick" so we were kind of put off by that. but after church we went and talked to them and had really good lesson with them.
um other things....... i don't know i'm kind of really out of time i had to fill out a report to the president. and that took up alot of time.

when do you guys think that stuff will get here that your sending me?

this week i had a dream that kel was a missionary, and he was my companion, but he wasn't very obedient.... hahahaa it was really funny to think about.

well i have to stop here i don't have time. i'm so so so sorry its so short. tell chance to write me and tell me who he had the fire with in the backyard

well i love you all

elder paulson
May 2, 2011


hey there yall, how has this last week been for you? well i am hoping good? this last week has brought my new experiences and new feelings in the mission. we had changes, i got a new comp, the work goes well and i love being a missionary. its sad that the time has to go by so fast!!!! but it does and there is nothing we can do about it.

alright first of all the changes, well i stayed in my old area La Popular but i have gotten my new comp. his name is Elder Weaver, yes he is a gringo my first gringo compainon in the mission and he's only got a month and a half in the mission. he is from Ceder City Utah, I'm with a Utahan for the first time. he's is an awesome companion, probably the best i have had in the mission and he is definitely a better missionary than me, i am learning so much from him, he has such an awesome desire to help people and bring them the truth! and he speaks pretty good spanish for the amount of time he has. we have worked as hard as i have for a long time in the mission because i dont have any one to pull behind me all day, we help each other. i'll send you guys a pic next week.

alright so some more new stuff, along with the changes, came a new calling, i am now a new district leader, i never thought that this would happen i was really humbled about the calling i never expected it. i'm in charge of the work and spiritual progress of 8 elders including myself and in these last 5 days i have been on my knees a lot more than usual so i'm going to need some extra prayers from ya guys. and also, i dont know if you guys remember my first comp in the mtc Elder Hagler, well he is now my new Zone Leader and i'm loving it we live together and we have a good time.

so this week we found a new family that is super awesome, they are married and they don't drink coffee and they are really receptive to the teachings, that other family will be getting married this week or the next depending on some details in the laws here in Honduras. but the work goes well and keeps getting better.

so i'm really glad you guys got the package, it sounded like you guys liked the stuff that was in it, it was kind of a last minute thing so I didn't get all the things i wanted in it, but i'm going to bring you guys most of the stuff back home with me its just to hard to send stuff.

alright mothers day... the last call of the mission, i hope your all excited. so i think i will be doing the pre-call one or 2 days before. i will be calling the home number because its the only one i remember and then you guys can call me. i'm really excited to talk to you all. just be ready for the call. =)

mom thanks for every thing i hope your okay, don't stress out too much about the "whole me coming home thing" it will come when it comes. it's only a few chances you get to have your son in the mission field. te amo
well i love you all , thanks for being awesome!!! te Quiero

Elder paulson
April 25, 2011

hello family

so how are you guys all doing today? good i hope? so that time has come again....yes that's right changes are here. it's true what they say the time does fly, well i will be staying in my current area and will be receiving a new companion. i dont know who he is though because Presidente Flores has come up with a new thing that he's not going to tell the missionaries where they are going until we get to the change meeting. he has started this so there will be no crap talking about the other missionaries. i think it's a good idea and it makes the changes more exciting.

well this week has also brought some sadness this sunday was the last Sunday of the Garvis´s. It was really sad to say good bye to them they have really been awesome. they have been kind of like my little piece of home here in Honduras, they will be leaving tomorrow, they did a lot of things for me Elder Garvis did this big research for me about the best culinary schools in the world and also agricultural schools because i have been thinking about that also along with culinary arts. I'm thinking of ways to do them together. but they have been really awesome, and they said there were gonig to call you when they got back to the states.

So this week we took a trip with the zone leaders to Ojojona its a small tourist town in our zone that's really awesome, we went with them because they had two baptismal interviews and had to do interchanges so that was fun and now we are going back today as a zone to play some FĂștbol (soccer) and buy some cool souviners. so that' s going to be fun.

alright so i have gotten the letters of becca brown and emi and austin and i have sent there reponses so if you could tell them to be looking for them that would be awesome.
well this week we had some really good success, we found an awesome new family to teach they are married(one point for the missionaries), the don't drink coffee(two points for the missionaries) and they have members on both sides of there families and they live right next door to them(3 points for the missionaries) so we are really excited to be working with them and we are still working with the other ones. their marriage date is for the second week of May so we are really working hard to get them to that point so include them in your prayers plz.

sounds like you had a good time in Vegas from the pics you sent me hahahahaha. i am kind of disappointed in my family though for the lack of Easter egg dying!!! =( what will you guys do when i get married and move out?

well i love you guys hope all is well. te amo mucho

elder paulson

April 18, 2011


well how you guys doing? well i hope? it sounds like you guys have been haveing a good time and that life is going well, and that makes me happy for you all.

well this has been kind of rough week, to some of you it apeared that i am having problems with my comp. and in a way yes but we are not fighting we get along quite well in the friends way, its that he dosent want to do anything he just wants to go through the motions and im the one that has to be pulling him through just so we can get our work done.... and to be honest its very tiring physically and spiritualy and frustrating, im know i have to be strong and that i need to be a good example but its also bugs me that he dosent understand why hes here he dosent want to talk and he dosent really try to be better, now dont get me wrong hes a good guy hes funny and sincere but in the whole missionary aspect of things hes slackin a little. but i just wanted to clear that up so no one thought i wasn't getting along with him, its just a little frustrating and stressful, i kind of feel like a babysitter.

alright now for the good stuff!!!!! so in our house we have 2 water tanks that hold our water so we don't run out of water because i only comes every 3 days. any way these tanks are up on the ruff and one of the pipes broke that fill the tank up. so we had to go up and had to pass the water from one tank to the other with a bucket, so these tanks are on a big sturdy concrete slab but what Hondurans use for roofing is this time of martial that i can best drescribe like sheetrock its not that strong well our neighbors house is built right next to ours so while i was filling up the bucket my foot sleep and and right on to the neighbors ruff well my foot and all my leg up to my crotch went through the neighbors roof!!! and the neighbor was in there doing some ironing, well when this happen i just kind of stayed there hoping that it was a dream, but my comp just started laughing and i didn't wake up.... so it was real, the neighbors weren't mad or anything which was nice. but ya that's my story.

I love you all

elder paulson