Monday, June 13, 2011

June 13, 2011

Well sounds like a lot of crazy things are going on back home!!!!!! Sounds like you guys had a good time with the whole Birthday thing for mom!!! and i just want to say happy BIRTHDAY MOM!!!! I hope it was an awesome one!!!! I love you tons and am so grateful that you are my mom. For me the birthday was almost just kind of another day except that I saved the presents to open and my zone leader bought a little gift thing so that was nice but other than that it was just a normal day, but not that I was bad or anything I really enjoyed dedicating my birthday to the Lord, it's not like I don't owe it to him anyways for all that he has done for me I don't see the whole mission thing any more as putting my life on hold for 2 years so I can serve the Lord, more it's that I find myself once again in his debt for the things he has done for me in my life here in the mission. So I am more than happy to have my birthday pass as just a normal day while in the work of the Lord.
So this is my first week as trainer again, it's always the hardest because they know nothing and you really have to help them along but it's such an awesome experience to see them grow and become the missionary the Lord has intended them to be and be apart of that growing with them. This new training program that we are doing is reallly awesome and I am learning a lot from it. I'm really gratetful that the Lord has given me this opportunity to be a trainer to finish my mission, we kind of had a hard week in the district but we are working on getting it better and helping the other elders. but all is moving along
This week we have the opportunity to hear Elder Falabela of the seventy come and talk to us missionaries which is really awesome. I love this opportunity to learn from these men of the Lord. I have a lot of things I am hoping he can help me with, I have learned that if I write what I want to change or to better on a piece of paper and then take notes in these meetings I usually find the answer.
So we are working with this new family that is really cool, the family Espinal, they are a really humble family and even more humble with the fact that the husband isn't working right now because he had his big toe amputated about 2 months ago and it still hasn't healed, but they have much faith in the sense that he had a doctors appointment but decided to come to church instead so I really love them and they have had really good progress. So if you can include them in your prayers that would be awesome.
So I really loved everything that was in the package, I have been fighting off hordes of missionaries for those chocolate chip cookies and grandma's cookies that you sent me, just one thing.... the whole green tea candy's ya I'm really grateful for them and the thought but.... ya, but the rest was awesome. Thank you all mom, dad, Amelia and Kel (the dried squid was gone before Sunday it was really good).
Well i just have to tell you all thanks for everything, I love you all so much.
love Elder Paulson

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