Monday, April 4, 2011

April 4, 2011

How the heck are you guys???? I hope just DANDY, this was a wonderful week full of conference. It was an awesome conference and I loved all the talks and I hope you all did too. Saturday for me was spent all day in the chapel hanging out with all the other white elders and watching conference in English. It was a blast!!!! I really liked Elder Oaks talk about decisions and priorities, and I liked both of Pres. Uchtdorfs talks..... man the whole thing was awesome and you know what I have completed something that I think no missionary has ever done....I have watched conference in the same chapel for the past 2 years, I have been in the same zone and in the same chapel for every conference, it was awesome!!!! and do you know something else...... next conference I will be home!!!!!! WOOT WOOT!!! but that time will come, no need to rush.
So new things for this week... we got couches in the house, that would be a first for me in the mission. It really is awesome because I have not slept on a couch for almost 2 years and ooohhhh how good it is, also I bought a hammock this week and it's super nice and ooohhh how good it is to sleep in a hammock.
Also this week I went and cooked for some members ,it was so awesome and relaxing. I love cooking, I made poly chicken, that kind I made for my Birthday before I left and I also made mac salad and O'tai it was all so good!!! and they loved it, and we also cooked a huge pork leg that we left to soak in that sauce and then we cooked it in the oven with mangos for about 4 hours and ooooo how good was that!!! I have not eaten so well in so long.
The work continues to go well, we are working really hard with our investigators and they are progressing, we managed to put a baptismal date with one of them for next week I hope it goes through. The zone is kind of struggling right now, but we will get through.
Well I love you all and I hope all is well. Thanks for all the emails.
Love, Elder Paulson

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Looks like pretty serious bars on that door!!

Could this really be a kitchen that 4 Elders take care of, I am impressed!

March 28, 2011

Alrighty then!!!!!
hola my family i hope that this has been a wonderful week for you all, the week for me went by very fast and its all kind of a blur in my memory, but i am ever so stooked for this week and ready to enjoy 10 full hours of confrence goodness, i feel gidy as the time gets closer!!! i hope you all feel the same way.
well i will start out with the more depressing news this week we had to drop this really awesome family that we have been working with, they didnt come to church on sunday and in the afternoon we found them and asked what happend they said they arent going to go ever.... so we were kind of upset about that but thye have there free will and we cant make them do anything they dont want to.
so this week i got a letter from miss becca brown and from the Bradshaw family. mom could tell them both thanks and give them a hug for me they have been the most faithful write to me my whole mission. i have got a letter from them every month.
so this week your going to see chance..... well i need you to give him a big hug for me and i will need pictures next week so dont forget to do that, tell him good job at doin work! and that i love him
life here in la papular is prity good i realy like living with 4 missionarys in the house it not has boring and we always think of funny things to do. thanks for the package you guys are sending i cant wait for it and see what i get, i really do need that suit and dont worry theres a member here that can tailor it if its to big.
also mom i need you to send my address to amada jolly today through email she has a letter to send me but she dosent have my adress.
well i love you all hope all is well and tha you are all happy. te amo mucho
elder paulson

March 21, 2011 - Hope you are enjoying Elder Paulson's letters!

hello family
alright guys so let me explain, last week we were here writting and right as i was about to send my letter the power went out and i had pritty much used up all my time. so they gave me some time to quickly right a message to you guys, so its not my falt that the last letter was short. im sorry but thats how it was. but i love you guys, im sorry these things happen but they happen and i cant change them.i hope you guys dont think that i write short letters just for the heck of it. i want you guys to know about what is going on.
alright so im in my new area, like i said before its right below my old area la peña, its no the other side of the area port its kind of small so im sure its hard to find on google earth. my new comp is awesome we get along really welll he froms el salvador he has about a year in the mission. the house we live in is prity sweet its got and electric water heater so i can now finaly take hot showers!!! i love it im never takeing a cooled shower again. theres 4 of us that live in the house we live with the zone leaders, its really awesome, i love it were always talkin a its just easer to relaxe. we live in a prity nice group of houses but we also live right next to one of the most dangerus areas in the city, so theres alot of mixed people there. the members here are really awesome they give us food every day!!!! lunch and dinner!!! and we have some really awesome investigators. so i really like my area.
so to answer your questions.
-have not gotten the letter but the zoneleaders are going to the office today pick up mail so ill see if i get it today.
-so about school, i dont know. my relese date im prity sure is the 31st of agust. ill be home the first of september. i would really like to start school when i get home but i dont want to finish early. let me know what you think
-and about the package, the guy left before i could get he package off so it wont be comeing for a little bit but i know some one else that is going to utah the end of april so ill let you know more on that.
so i was wondering if you guys could send me some of my football pictures and wrestling pics that would be awesome!! and i think this is the best news ever..... the Garvises asist my ward so i get to see them every sunday. this sunday i sat with them in sacramente meeting. it is awesome ilove those guys you guys will have to get know them when they get home.
dad- sorry i didnt write last week but i was supper bumd to hear about that the team lost. they need to start taking it all sirusly. hope needs to start getting them in shape. and were you able to find out about that rugby traning thing we talked about? and thenks for sending me the work out book im tyring to do some work outs but i need more ideas
well i thank you all and i love you all hope all is well
love elder paulson

March 14, 2011 - Just like he sends it!!!

alright family....
okay here i am again writing my family another week has gone by and another change over im down to 4 more changes..... the time is getting really short. with the time going by and my mission geting closer to its finish, i think how greatful i am that i have had this apportunity to serve in this awesome work! i have grown and i have had changes in my life, i am still the same person, but with with some modifications. i thank you guys for the support that i have recived from you and your love.
so first of all the changes we got our changes last night, and im leaving the area..... im headed back to my old zone, just in a diffrent area, its called El Popular, its just below my old area La Peña and my new comp is from El Salvador, his name is Elder Perez he has about a year i think? ill be going to my new area this wensday so ill let you know how it is next week. this week we had a baptisam her name is milva. i sent a pic.
well i lvoe you guys im out of time but thanks for all your letters i read them all. i love oyu all a ton.
love elder paulson

Elder Paulson's companion in his pants! He was really, really small!!
Looks kind of like Utah!

March 7, 2011 - Posted as written!!

hello family.
well this has been the fastest week in my whole mission it went by so fast i really dont know what happend!!! but i just keep working and doing what im doing. really theres not much to tell this week, its really just the same stuff that happens all the time we did have 7 investigator in sacrement meeting this sunday and one family, that was really cool!!
we also had a leadership tranning meeting that me and my comp got invited to, pres. flores is just a stud he his so cool and i love how he teaches. he really helps me out alot i am really blessed to have and awesome. this will be the last week before transfers, i dont know if im leaving or staying, but i have 4 1/2 months her in the area its a good chance that i go but theres also the chance that i dont.
i have sent some pics, one of them is of Las Posas and little pueblo that we would good work at and the other is my comp in my pantsl
well thats all i have not much i know but i dont know what more you want to hear ask me things. but i love you all and hope all is well
February 28, 2011 - posted as written by Elder Paulson - enjoy the challenge!! Ha!

i just want to start this letter by saying i just love you guys, you guys (my family) are just kick butt!!! i have such a cool family. And i cant wait to see you guys again its going to be awesome, im baggy or anything i just feel like saying this. i now that every week i some to internet there will be a letter from my family there and that just makes me happy!!!
so this has been a good week for the work of the lord. this sunday our ward held a group in an area kind of far away were some members live, its kind of like a branch but its still part of the ward. there was and asistens of 24 people which is awesome! and the final goal of all this is to start a branch. were working there also and have some really positive investigators there. so we hope and pray that the work there continues as it has been.
well to answer to tell you a little about our day to day life in honduras, right now we have a pirty nive appartmente right now, it only has one bedrooom and a living area and a kitchen and is kinda small but for two missionarys who dont realy pass much time in the house its just perfect. we do shower with cold water the only way to get hot hot water is to buy this little electric heater s that you buy here that you have to hard wire to and outlet, but showering with cold water is normal life for me now, the only hard time is when we have to get up eraly to de to a meeting, we wake up every day and 6:30 and we go to bed at 10:30 and im prity used to that by now to.
well dad the rugby news was awesome!!! i cant wait to hear how it goes with the st. gizzy team, im prity sure will win but dont let anything go to the teams head just cause there a first year team!!! they have to play a 110% theres alot on this game, and when are the playoffs? are the before i get home? bund that you could make it to the snow game, they were always a fun team to play! and tell calvin hi for me.
mom i gess you cant paint the room that color, i think it will look good, but maybe you could paint one wall orange like a dark orange. i think that would like cool!!!! and sound like you had fun that the youth confrence. i hope you did i have some good memorys at those.
well i love you all and hope all is well. thaks for being awesome.
love elder paulson
February 21, 2011 - This post was put in as it was written by Elder Paulson! No corrections made!


Alright so how is everybody doing?? i hope well i didnt here from very many of you this week but thank you mom and dad for being the faithful missionary writters you are!!! i love you guys..... and for the rest of you well that depends. Alrigth mom i will answer your question right now. i still kind of need pants and a belt, shirts im good and ties im really good on ties. but im kind of out of money right now till the end of the month. but just let me know what you can do. your the best!

so this past week we had zone confrence.. one of my favorite times in the mission. i love hearing from presidente flores hes a stud!!! the theme of the confrence was repentence, he really likes that subject. but its really importante because if we really use repentence then we will have the best mision we could ever have! also has sad as it is this was the Garvis´s last zonve confrence, you guys will have to go visit them in there mansion in weston idaho, they know both the Burbanks and the Golightlys. they might knowour family. they really are super awesome!

so we have some really cool investigator right now but i want to tell you about one of them his name is Maurisio. Hes from tegucigalpa, hes a civil enginer and about 4 years ago he lost his sight, hes now blind, he told us when it first happend that we wouldnt do anything just sit in his house all day a pout and not do anything! but then one day he told him self, "what are you doing you cant change what has happend to you, but you can change your life"! so he got up and showerd and shaved and went a enrolled him self in a bind school were he learned to read and write in brael, he got his masage theripist lisense and his a carpenter!!! hes awesome!!! we got him a book of mormon in brael hes reading it its huge though its 7 huge binders!!! we is really cool and if we let him he would talk to us all day!

alright one thing, yes i want you guys to keep telling me about the news that heppens back home and all that good stuff i need to hear that stuff. and mom you mentioned that you wanted to paint me room.. well i was thinking that you could paint it Navy Blue!!!! let me know what you think!!!!

well i love you all, thanks for every thing.


Elder Paulson