Sunday, April 3, 2011

February 21, 2011 - This post was put in as it was written by Elder Paulson! No corrections made!


Alright so how is everybody doing?? i hope well i didnt here from very many of you this week but thank you mom and dad for being the faithful missionary writters you are!!! i love you guys..... and for the rest of you well that depends. Alrigth mom i will answer your question right now. i still kind of need pants and a belt, shirts im good and ties im really good on ties. but im kind of out of money right now till the end of the month. but just let me know what you can do. your the best!

so this past week we had zone confrence.. one of my favorite times in the mission. i love hearing from presidente flores hes a stud!!! the theme of the confrence was repentence, he really likes that subject. but its really importante because if we really use repentence then we will have the best mision we could ever have! also has sad as it is this was the Garvis´s last zonve confrence, you guys will have to go visit them in there mansion in weston idaho, they know both the Burbanks and the Golightlys. they might knowour family. they really are super awesome!

so we have some really cool investigator right now but i want to tell you about one of them his name is Maurisio. Hes from tegucigalpa, hes a civil enginer and about 4 years ago he lost his sight, hes now blind, he told us when it first happend that we wouldnt do anything just sit in his house all day a pout and not do anything! but then one day he told him self, "what are you doing you cant change what has happend to you, but you can change your life"! so he got up and showerd and shaved and went a enrolled him self in a bind school were he learned to read and write in brael, he got his masage theripist lisense and his a carpenter!!! hes awesome!!! we got him a book of mormon in brael hes reading it its huge though its 7 huge binders!!! we is really cool and if we let him he would talk to us all day!

alright one thing, yes i want you guys to keep telling me about the news that heppens back home and all that good stuff i need to hear that stuff. and mom you mentioned that you wanted to paint me room.. well i was thinking that you could paint it Navy Blue!!!! let me know what you think!!!!

well i love you all, thanks for every thing.


Elder Paulson

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