Sunday, April 3, 2011

February 28, 2011 - posted as written by Elder Paulson - enjoy the challenge!! Ha!

i just want to start this letter by saying i just love you guys, you guys (my family) are just kick butt!!! i have such a cool family. And i cant wait to see you guys again its going to be awesome, im baggy or anything i just feel like saying this. i now that every week i some to internet there will be a letter from my family there and that just makes me happy!!!
so this has been a good week for the work of the lord. this sunday our ward held a group in an area kind of far away were some members live, its kind of like a branch but its still part of the ward. there was and asistens of 24 people which is awesome! and the final goal of all this is to start a branch. were working there also and have some really positive investigators there. so we hope and pray that the work there continues as it has been.
well to answer to tell you a little about our day to day life in honduras, right now we have a pirty nive appartmente right now, it only has one bedrooom and a living area and a kitchen and is kinda small but for two missionarys who dont realy pass much time in the house its just perfect. we do shower with cold water the only way to get hot hot water is to buy this little electric heater s that you buy here that you have to hard wire to and outlet, but showering with cold water is normal life for me now, the only hard time is when we have to get up eraly to de to a meeting, we wake up every day and 6:30 and we go to bed at 10:30 and im prity used to that by now to.
well dad the rugby news was awesome!!! i cant wait to hear how it goes with the st. gizzy team, im prity sure will win but dont let anything go to the teams head just cause there a first year team!!! they have to play a 110% theres alot on this game, and when are the playoffs? are the before i get home? bund that you could make it to the snow game, they were always a fun team to play! and tell calvin hi for me.
mom i gess you cant paint the room that color, i think it will look good, but maybe you could paint one wall orange like a dark orange. i think that would like cool!!!! and sound like you had fun that the youth confrence. i hope you did i have some good memorys at those.
well i love you all and hope all is well. thaks for being awesome.
love elder paulson

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