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March 21, 2011 - Hope you are enjoying Elder Paulson's letters!

hello family
alright guys so let me explain, last week we were here writting and right as i was about to send my letter the power went out and i had pritty much used up all my time. so they gave me some time to quickly right a message to you guys, so its not my falt that the last letter was short. im sorry but thats how it was. but i love you guys, im sorry these things happen but they happen and i cant change them.i hope you guys dont think that i write short letters just for the heck of it. i want you guys to know about what is going on.
alright so im in my new area, like i said before its right below my old area la peña, its no the other side of the area port its kind of small so im sure its hard to find on google earth. my new comp is awesome we get along really welll he froms el salvador he has about a year in the mission. the house we live in is prity sweet its got and electric water heater so i can now finaly take hot showers!!! i love it im never takeing a cooled shower again. theres 4 of us that live in the house we live with the zone leaders, its really awesome, i love it were always talkin a its just easer to relaxe. we live in a prity nice group of houses but we also live right next to one of the most dangerus areas in the city, so theres alot of mixed people there. the members here are really awesome they give us food every day!!!! lunch and dinner!!! and we have some really awesome investigators. so i really like my area.
so to answer your questions.
-have not gotten the letter but the zoneleaders are going to the office today pick up mail so ill see if i get it today.
-so about school, i dont know. my relese date im prity sure is the 31st of agust. ill be home the first of september. i would really like to start school when i get home but i dont want to finish early. let me know what you think
-and about the package, the guy left before i could get he package off so it wont be comeing for a little bit but i know some one else that is going to utah the end of april so ill let you know more on that.
so i was wondering if you guys could send me some of my football pictures and wrestling pics that would be awesome!! and i think this is the best news ever..... the Garvises asist my ward so i get to see them every sunday. this sunday i sat with them in sacramente meeting. it is awesome ilove those guys you guys will have to get know them when they get home.
dad- sorry i didnt write last week but i was supper bumd to hear about that the team lost. they need to start taking it all sirusly. hope needs to start getting them in shape. and were you able to find out about that rugby traning thing we talked about? and thenks for sending me the work out book im tyring to do some work outs but i need more ideas
well i thank you all and i love you all hope all is well
love elder paulson

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