Sunday, January 31, 2010

New companion!

January 26, 2010
Hola, Familia
Okay so ill answer your questions first. 1. Please tell me about your new companion. Alright my new comp is freak sweet, he is from Guatamala, he is from a little town there called Jutiapa, he is a freaken cowboy. He has these huge belt buckles he wears and his cowboy boots, he’s told me about some stories about his dad getting in gun fights. He is a way hard worker and he is an awesome teacher. He does not speak English as much as my last comp, he hardly speaks any, but ya he is awesome. I think that we’ll get some baptisms together. 2. Tell me about the branch and what you do there, and the people and if you really like them and that kind of stuff, do the missionaries run the branch or what? Okay so the church in Catacams is a district, there’s two branches here, both with their own branch presidents and there is also a district president kinda like a stake president. There is a lot of people I like here, a lot of families it will be hard to say goodbye to when I leave, but there is also some people I don’t like, like our ward mission leader………… he’s so hard to work with, but I’m trying to get along with him. The missionaries don’t run the place but they help a lot! 3. I noticed that your money in your account is pretty low so we will put some money in there for you to have to spend, I am happy to do that, I want you to have some extra. How does the money from the church work? Thanks mom, I would appreciate it, the money from the church works fine they just deposit it like the first week of every change. If its possible could you deposit it before Thursday I kinda have run out of money I don’t know when they are going to deposit the money for this next change and we have to go to Teguc on Thursday, I need money to travel, they will reimburse us but it’s only just in case they don’t deposit it.
Alright so I hope that answered your questions, so sorry for not writing you yesterday the internet wasn’t working here in Catacamas so we got to do it today. But ya, all is well. We did bless our house after that experience. I was the one that blessed it too. We don’t really have any baptisms lined up but we are working on it. We have contacted a lot of really positive families in this last week so are going to be working with them a lot, along with my new comp the other elder that lives in the house with us and he got a new comp, the new comps name is Elder Huayhua he is from Peru. He is so awkward but he’s awesome too and he makes me laugh so much. But ya not much really else has happened this week besides that, I hope all is well with you guys. How is Kel and Amelia doing, fine I’m sure. I think after this change I’m off to new area…….. will have to see. Give Trevor a hola for me (both Trevor’s). That’s all for this week, I have not gotten any letters yet but I haven’t had a chance to go pick them up from Tegus, but if I have some I’ll get them Thursday. I love you all very much, thanks for your support with every thing, its crazy to think at the end of this change I’ll have 6 months in the mission. WHAT THE FREAK! Hahaha! Well I love you guys and pray for you always, NOSVEMOS!
Love Elder Spencer F. Paulson ""THE HULK""

Oh My Gosh what is that!

Hola mi familia! January 18, 2010
Okay so this week, my comp (Elder Batres) left for home today, I don’t have my new comp yet he will be here on Wednesday. But for information on him his name is Elder Polanco he’s from Guatemala, he was my last comps comp and he said he is a way good missionary and an awesome guy so I’m excited to meet him. But that’s all I know about him for now, so our baptisms kinda fell through, we still have one planned for 30th of January but we will see how it goes. We haven’t been able to teach them for a while, it’s a different person than the last one I told you about, its really hard her in Catacamas but I’m hoping my new comp will be able to help me out with that.
So I have two story’s for you this week first one is kinda funny but gross also, the second is more real and not scary but…….. I don’t know you will just have to see for yourself, so for the first one. Wednesdays we go eat with a Sister Harmana Claudia, she’s makes really good food always. So this last Wednesday we went to her house to eat and she had the food out and the table ready for us. I looked it over, it have your typical rice and beans but the beans were refried which I love and also there was fired platano (plantains) which I love also and 2 pieces of meat, which I thought were carnitas ( little fried pieces of steak) which also I love. So I sat down and dove in, first with the rice and beans and while I was eating that I took a gander of the two pieces of meat sitting on my plate and they looked very different then carnitas, they were a lot darker almost black and almost a round shape. So I was curious…….. so I picked one up with my fork and took a bite…… took everything I had not to throw up, I was thinking to myself what the freak is this!!! I put it back on my plate and continued eating, avoiding whatever that was, but the general rule is just eat it because they have spent all day cooking it and spent money on it, and she was also watching me and I’m pretty sure she could tell that I didn’t like them. So after I had dallied as long as I could I went for it and with the help of a couple big glasses of water and the platanos I got it down. After we left I looked at my comp and asked ‘what the heck was that meat.’ I had already had my doubts, but I still wanted to ask just in case. When I asked he said he didn’t know how to describe it in English all he could say was eggs………… but the second he said that I knew exactly what I had eaten………………we will just say rocky mountain oysters. I was not feeling good after that…….but ya that’s my first real bad food experience.
Okay for my second story, so it was a couple of nights ago and I had gone to bed and was sleeping and up to this point our house has never really felt that safe and protected, I could never really say why it just wasn’t. I was sleeping and in the middle of the night I was awoken by something I can only describe as something moving towards me, like when a camera zooms up really fast and shaky and then at least that’s how it sounded when this happened. I heard a voice in my head saying " the enemy of all righteousness is here" and when I heard that I couldn’t move at all and/or open my eyes or speak, and I felt a great weight on my legs like someone was holding them down, and I could fell a presence above me. I tried to call on the name of Christ, but I couldn’t speak but I kept repeating it in my head and in my heart I then felt another presence enter the room and when this one came whatever was restraining me left immediately. After I got up and sat on the edge of my bed for awhile and just thought about what I had just experienced
………….but ya your probably freaked out right now. But I’m fine, I know the Lord is with me and watching over me. Well I’m out of time I love you guys so much. And miss you and hope all is well!
Love Elder Spencer F. Paulson
P.S. Sorry for the short letter not really much has happened, I’ll get more for next week. Love you

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Christmas package finally came!

January 11, 2010
Hola mi familia!!
Okay so thanks for the pics mom those were awesome to see Trevor, Kaelen and Rem! That’s freaken crazy Addison is already gone a year!!! There’s no way that is already here! Freak! Sorry about the pics but I just got to do what makes me look good! Hahaha! So I got the package it was awesome, but try opening a package filled with candy and having 5 other missionaries surrounding you, ya I had to fight for my life (just to make sure but you guys didn’t send my Ipod did you? Cause if you did I didn’t get it), but that camelback was freaken awesome thanks Miller!) The candy and the beef jerky are almost gone! That’s what happens when you live with 3 other missionaries, your candy and food just disappears. Did you put they videos on the card in the section with the password or just in the normal section? But, ya I was stoked about the package and I did set up the decorations and they are still up in my room, I sleep with the Christmas tree lights on.
So we dropped the family that we had the baptism date with, they weren’t progressing at all, they haven’t been to church. Once they said they studied the scriptures but when we ask them questions about them they don’t know anything!!!!! It’s so frustrating………… but we did pick up a new family this week, a big family of 7 people so we were stoked for that. We are going to be focusing on them much! And we also got a reference from a member for a family that has 15!!!! people in it. We haven’t contacted them yet but we’re going to tomorrow and the member said there were positive so we’re stoked for that! That’’s my mission dream to baptize a huge family like that 15,20 people! We still have the other person with the baptism date, and were working with him.
Today we went to Juticalpa it’s the other city in our zone and went and played fùùtbol there, I’m not going to lie…….. I’m a pretty good fùutbol player! Its not an uncommon thing for me to score a couple of goals, hahaha! but the 6 year old Honduran children still school me! My comp goes home next Monday, he’s freaken super baggy! But he’s also way bummed out! His name is Elder Batres and he’s from El Salvador! I did tell you this, he’s a way good teacher and he helps me out a lot, he’s kinda with his head in the clouds sometimes…….. will leave it at that. So I had my first missionary bathroom experience, I won’t go into details but it was bad, hahahahaha! Well that’s all I got for this week.
I love you guys mucho! Thanks for all your letters and give everyone my love!
Elder Spencer F. Paulson ""THE HULK""

Sunday, January 10, 2010

First Baptism!

Hola! Para esta nuevo ano, January 4, 2010

Just think after this year is over we only have 7 more months, but we are not going to worry about that now because that’s not what’s important, we call that being "baggy" ( when you think about home) here in the mission. Okay so we didn’t end up baptizing that kid he was up in the mountains working with his dad, but we did set a new date with him for the 16th of this month, I got my fingers crossed. We also put another date with the family for the 9th but they won’t come to church! And they need to come! It’s so fetchin (fetch is like the mission swear word) frustrating, when you see them progress and they accept baptism, but they won’t do the one thing that they need to do to get baptized! But all you can do is keep loving them and keep working with them. We went contacting yesterday in an area we have never been and we got 6 new investigators, 1 familia and 2 individuals, President Florez always talks about work with familias. So that’s what we focus on!

So New Years in Honduras, first I would like to say even though I love it here in Catacamas I feel deprived of the crazy awesome ridiculous experiences I could have if I was in the city, but it was pretty much the same people drinking and partying and shooting fireworks………….there were just more people drinking and partying and much, much bigger fireworks that make louder bangs! For us missionaries we were in our house at 7 o’clock, but we did stay up till 12…….. ya 12 is late for us! Hahahaha! We were struggling! So I’m pretty sure I got my package…….. the zone leaders and my comp went to Tegus for a leadership meeting (my comp is the district leader), and they said that there were 3 packages for Catacamas so I hope and pray it’s there. I haven’t had a chance to find a place to fix my pants but I’m working on it.

All is well with me, not much happens here in these little pueblos, I have though discovered a new hobby for myself and the other missionaries, which is calling to the Bolos (drunks) that walk in front of our house in the morning, our house is on the second floor, but it’s very entertaining to watch them look around for the person calling to them. This morning one stopped in the middle of the street and started singing, Hahaha!

Well that’s all I got for this week, not much, but I hope you guys like it! I love you all very much. I hope and pray for the best blessings for you. You are always in my prayers.

Love, Elder Spencer F. Paulson