Sunday, January 31, 2010

Oh My Gosh what is that!

Hola mi familia! January 18, 2010
Okay so this week, my comp (Elder Batres) left for home today, I don’t have my new comp yet he will be here on Wednesday. But for information on him his name is Elder Polanco he’s from Guatemala, he was my last comps comp and he said he is a way good missionary and an awesome guy so I’m excited to meet him. But that’s all I know about him for now, so our baptisms kinda fell through, we still have one planned for 30th of January but we will see how it goes. We haven’t been able to teach them for a while, it’s a different person than the last one I told you about, its really hard her in Catacamas but I’m hoping my new comp will be able to help me out with that.
So I have two story’s for you this week first one is kinda funny but gross also, the second is more real and not scary but…….. I don’t know you will just have to see for yourself, so for the first one. Wednesdays we go eat with a Sister Harmana Claudia, she’s makes really good food always. So this last Wednesday we went to her house to eat and she had the food out and the table ready for us. I looked it over, it have your typical rice and beans but the beans were refried which I love and also there was fired platano (plantains) which I love also and 2 pieces of meat, which I thought were carnitas ( little fried pieces of steak) which also I love. So I sat down and dove in, first with the rice and beans and while I was eating that I took a gander of the two pieces of meat sitting on my plate and they looked very different then carnitas, they were a lot darker almost black and almost a round shape. So I was curious…….. so I picked one up with my fork and took a bite…… took everything I had not to throw up, I was thinking to myself what the freak is this!!! I put it back on my plate and continued eating, avoiding whatever that was, but the general rule is just eat it because they have spent all day cooking it and spent money on it, and she was also watching me and I’m pretty sure she could tell that I didn’t like them. So after I had dallied as long as I could I went for it and with the help of a couple big glasses of water and the platanos I got it down. After we left I looked at my comp and asked ‘what the heck was that meat.’ I had already had my doubts, but I still wanted to ask just in case. When I asked he said he didn’t know how to describe it in English all he could say was eggs………… but the second he said that I knew exactly what I had eaten………………we will just say rocky mountain oysters. I was not feeling good after that…….but ya that’s my first real bad food experience.
Okay for my second story, so it was a couple of nights ago and I had gone to bed and was sleeping and up to this point our house has never really felt that safe and protected, I could never really say why it just wasn’t. I was sleeping and in the middle of the night I was awoken by something I can only describe as something moving towards me, like when a camera zooms up really fast and shaky and then at least that’s how it sounded when this happened. I heard a voice in my head saying " the enemy of all righteousness is here" and when I heard that I couldn’t move at all and/or open my eyes or speak, and I felt a great weight on my legs like someone was holding them down, and I could fell a presence above me. I tried to call on the name of Christ, but I couldn’t speak but I kept repeating it in my head and in my heart I then felt another presence enter the room and when this one came whatever was restraining me left immediately. After I got up and sat on the edge of my bed for awhile and just thought about what I had just experienced
………….but ya your probably freaked out right now. But I’m fine, I know the Lord is with me and watching over me. Well I’m out of time I love you guys so much. And miss you and hope all is well!
Love Elder Spencer F. Paulson
P.S. Sorry for the short letter not really much has happened, I’ll get more for next week. Love you

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