Sunday, January 10, 2010

First Baptism!

Hola! Para esta nuevo ano, January 4, 2010

Just think after this year is over we only have 7 more months, but we are not going to worry about that now because that’s not what’s important, we call that being "baggy" ( when you think about home) here in the mission. Okay so we didn’t end up baptizing that kid he was up in the mountains working with his dad, but we did set a new date with him for the 16th of this month, I got my fingers crossed. We also put another date with the family for the 9th but they won’t come to church! And they need to come! It’s so fetchin (fetch is like the mission swear word) frustrating, when you see them progress and they accept baptism, but they won’t do the one thing that they need to do to get baptized! But all you can do is keep loving them and keep working with them. We went contacting yesterday in an area we have never been and we got 6 new investigators, 1 familia and 2 individuals, President Florez always talks about work with familias. So that’s what we focus on!

So New Years in Honduras, first I would like to say even though I love it here in Catacamas I feel deprived of the crazy awesome ridiculous experiences I could have if I was in the city, but it was pretty much the same people drinking and partying and shooting fireworks………….there were just more people drinking and partying and much, much bigger fireworks that make louder bangs! For us missionaries we were in our house at 7 o’clock, but we did stay up till 12…….. ya 12 is late for us! Hahahaha! We were struggling! So I’m pretty sure I got my package…….. the zone leaders and my comp went to Tegus for a leadership meeting (my comp is the district leader), and they said that there were 3 packages for Catacamas so I hope and pray it’s there. I haven’t had a chance to find a place to fix my pants but I’m working on it.

All is well with me, not much happens here in these little pueblos, I have though discovered a new hobby for myself and the other missionaries, which is calling to the Bolos (drunks) that walk in front of our house in the morning, our house is on the second floor, but it’s very entertaining to watch them look around for the person calling to them. This morning one stopped in the middle of the street and started singing, Hahaha!

Well that’s all I got for this week, not much, but I hope you guys like it! I love you all very much. I hope and pray for the best blessings for you. You are always in my prayers.

Love, Elder Spencer F. Paulson

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