Sunday, September 5, 2010

I am really in Tugus! Just mark it on the map!!

August 30, 2010

Well first I'll answer questions and explain a few things. The weather is rainy always, raining and raining. At about 5:00 it starts raining and doesn't stop till some time at night when I'm sleeping. I have practically gotten used to the humidity and constantly sweating..... that's just my life for 2 years. Yes the Dangue is really bad here, but I'm not worried, if I'm obedient the lord will protect me. YES, garments are ridiculously cheap!!!! like 50 cents, but there's a limit, we can only buy 3 pairs each time we go. I did get that envelope and those hero posters are SICK!!!! and I love that picture of Christ! All right my new area is right in the middle of the city of Tegus so just put a pin right on the city and write the date and the area so you can know that's where it is. My comp is from El Salvador, he's really cool, he only has 4 months left. Yes, I will take pictures for you, I'll get them to you next week. Yes, I lost all my pictures from the beginning of the MTC till June all gone....... but there's nothing we can do to change that. Well I hope I answered all your questions, so about the money.... it's not that i just went and blew it all on things I didn't need, I was kinda in the hole, I didn't have any more money from the mission, I had used it all on transfers and there was no food in the house when we got there. Soooo that's what happened I didn't even want to use it at all but I had to.
That's crazy that Max is already in middle school, I don't ever remember you buying me Hollister to start school...... but it's all good. Today we went to this place called Picacho, no not the Pokemon. It's this place up on top of this mountain with a zoo and with this huge statue of Christ. It was awesome, I have attached some pics of it. I started the Book of Mormon again but with the goal to read it all in Spanish this time and finish it before the end of the year!!! We'll see what happens. I'm kinda running out of clothes, they are kinda just falling apart, I don't know what you guys can do to help but thought I would just say something. Tell the grandparents hi for me and give them a kiss. Tell grandma I wash my clothes by hand. I don't know if she did that when she was a girl back in Idaho. Well I love you all, thanks mom for everything your the best!!! Te amo mucho.
Your Son, Elder Paulson

Transfer to La Pena??? Made Senior Comp!!!

August 24, 2010

Alright I'm going to try to make this a long one,

First, yes I love the news you guys send me, I wish you would send me more actually! You guys are really my only source of the outside world! and pictures, I need more pictures. If you can send those last family pictures we took that would be awsome!

Well, yes transfers did happen for me, and guess what I'm back in the city! YIPEEE........ my area is called La Peña, and like always it's pretty ghetto but also there's actually some really nice areas here too. but there's a catch, me and my comp have never been here before, they pulled both missionaries out and stuck 2 new ones in, so we have been running around with our heads cut off trying to learn our area, where members live, where old investigators live, where recent converts live, and where the boundaries of our area are. It's been a pretty hectic 4 days! But I'm really grateful also, it's going to be an awesome learning experience. My new comps name is Elder Cena (Elder Dinner in English). He's really cool, kinda quiet but he's an awesome teacher. So I finally moved up to senor comp, actually we're both senor comps. I know kinda weird but I'm down, the higher you move up the more responsibility you have. My comp has 20 months here in the mission. I'm pretty sure I'm going to "kill" him too. I'm feeling six months in this area. This is a ward with a bishop and everything, the bishop is a little military about his calling but he's really in to the work. He owns his own security company. This is the biggest area I have had since I have been here, it's HUGE!!! but I have also heard that it's full of baptisms. So that's all about my new area and where I'm at right now.

Yes, my hump day is coming, a little bummed that so much time has passed, but I know that I can't go back, I just have to keep moving forward and getting better. It's really weird to think that I have a year in the mission, I still feel like I just got here yesterday but with a lot better Spanish. That was awesome about Bingham and that Alta lost, keep me updated. That's awesome what you and Amelia are doing, you guys should really get in to that and keep at it. That would be awesome, then I could start my own catering business when I get back and we could be a full service wedding company! Hahaha! Well I love you guys, thanks for every thing, I hope this was enough for you mom, sorry i got you all distraught, You know I don't like it when you feel sad. Te amo mucho!

Your Son,
Elder Paulson

No Time to Write!!!!

August 16, 2010

hola mi familia!
OOOOOOOK!...... So it's been a week. Mom to answer your questions, first off I got one of those envelopes and I am still waiting for the other one, I'm sure it will come, that's just Honduran mail system for ya. So you liked the pictures of the wigs, well that was us at a talent show we had one night here in the branch, we just put on a little act for them. Speaking of pics, I need you to save all the ones that I have sent to you since I have been here, last week all my pics got erased.
Well we haven't had much happening this week, but transfers are this week so I might be in a new area next time I write. All is well for me, I'm healthy, thanks for all your letters I'm sorry this is so short, I ran out of time this week, I had to write my mission president a lot, but I'll write a bigger one next week, I promise. I love you all, thanks for everything.
Love, Elder Paulson