Sunday, September 5, 2010

No Time to Write!!!!

August 16, 2010

hola mi familia!
OOOOOOOK!...... So it's been a week. Mom to answer your questions, first off I got one of those envelopes and I am still waiting for the other one, I'm sure it will come, that's just Honduran mail system for ya. So you liked the pictures of the wigs, well that was us at a talent show we had one night here in the branch, we just put on a little act for them. Speaking of pics, I need you to save all the ones that I have sent to you since I have been here, last week all my pics got erased.
Well we haven't had much happening this week, but transfers are this week so I might be in a new area next time I write. All is well for me, I'm healthy, thanks for all your letters I'm sorry this is so short, I ran out of time this week, I had to write my mission president a lot, but I'll write a bigger one next week, I promise. I love you all, thanks for everything.
Love, Elder Paulson

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