Sunday, May 9, 2010

Pioneer Day Celebration!

Hola Mi Familia May 3, 2010
Well look at that another freaken week gone by, the time here goes by so fast!! I hope this letter finds you all in good spirits and health. This has been an up and done week for me. We had to drop our investigators with baptismal dates because they wouldnt come to church and we have been teaching them for almost 3 months, so we finally decide to get rid of them. We have spent most of the week trying to find new positive people to teach. but our area is so small that we have pretty much contacted the whole place since I have been here, but I keep putting faith in the lord that he will guide us to those who are ready. The pioneer day was awesome, the bishop said it was the best activity they have had ever!!! Im sending some pictures from it. we had a tug-a-war and stick pull and sack races and also that game where you make a tower out of flour and try to push the coin off the top of it with your nose, that was pretty funny to watch them do. Then at the end we had a fire and a testimony meeting. and we had corn on the cob to eat, every one seemed to love it.
So this week it still has been rainning, last night it rainned all night and didn't stop till this morning. We went and gave service this week and helped a man carry wood down from a mountain, I probably carried 300 pounds of wood down from that mountain, you should have seen how happy he was when he saw me coming, hahahaha! It has now started to get hotter and hotter and now I am constantly sweating, and that is taking a heavy toll on my shirts. Also I have completely worn flat the bottoms of my shoes and from walking on our half rock half dirt roads the rocks have managed to cut a hole in the bottoms of one pair of my shoes. But I'm still truckin along and just doing work and what I know the Lord wants me to do, also this week we went and helped a family dig a latrin, its been a on going project and with all this rain the hole filled up with water, so when we went to help them this week we were not only digging out dirt but also toads!!!! The hole was filled with them!!!
Well mom I think that it would just be easier if you just put money in my account and I could buy the shirts here, there is a mall about an hour and a half away from our area and I can just go there and buy them and that way you can put more things in the package. This last Sunday I shared my testimony, I have shared my testimony here in Spanish more that I did back home in English, weird!"!!!. This last Sunday also we talked about emergency preparation, and how the last days are coming close and that we need to be ready, and with this I hope you guys have really put an effort into our food storage and emergency supplies. I think about not being there if somthing like an earthquake happened and worrying about you guys.... so make me not worry and start getting ready, its something the first presidencie has taught and that means it's something the Lord wants.
Well my family I love you all, thanks for your support and your prayers, I hope all is well for you all! You all are always in my prayers.
Love Elder Spencer F. Paulson

We Love Service!

Buenas dias, April 26, 2010
Okay, so this week first mom, thanks for all the trek stuff!!! Those pictures and all that stuff were perfect! They really don't know anything about this part of the church here so were working on making that better!!! I'll see what i can work out with those recipes, we have some of those things here, its really just hit and miss sometimes, they have what you need and sometimes no.
So for this last week it was alright, we really have been focusing on our investigators that have baptismal dates, and so a lot of our other stuff has kinda not been so good and to top it all of we had to drop 2 of our dates because the people didn't come to church! I know that we just need to keep working with them and just put our trust in the Lord! But we still have one of our dates for this coming weekend! So I'm super stoked for that! She's the sister of my first convert, and she has really grown a lot in the gospel, her mom is a Jehovas witness and we were talking to her the other day and she wasn't arguing with us on a lot of things and our girl with the date was teaching her more than we were, it is awesome to see people grow and put more faith in the Lord.
So there's been a guy going around where we work passing out papers about how our religion is false! So that's been a lot of help for us! Most of what he says about Joseph Smith and all that stuff, but I'm hoping we run into him one day.....but ya. So it's still crazy raining here only this past 2 days it hasn't, but it looks like were going to get some more today. Yesterday I gave a talk in church, I talked about how the members are missionarys too and how they can help us with references! I hope I kinda woke them up and brought them to reality because they really don't do anything around here to help, there is a couple of members that are really good at helping us but for the most part no!

So those bugs I was telling you about are called Zonpopos de mayo there like huge ants with wings! They like the rain. So also this week we went and did service in this pueblo called ojojona (ohohona), it was awesome we helped this guys thats 51 years old make adobe and split rocks, this guy is 51 but has the body of a 30 year old thats worked on a farm his whole life!
So just a few things I was wondering, when I got here in this area you said you were going to send and envelope.... did you ever get a chance to send it just wondering? And also the last newsletter from Rachelle I never got that i don't know if you sent that or not ether, just wondering about those few things.
Well I guess that's all for now I love you guys, hope all is well for you!
Love, Elder Spencer F. Paulson

Huge Flying Things!! EEK!

Hola mi familia! April 19, 2010
(to see the huge flying things click on the You Tube link)
Alright I was stoked to get your letters and read them all, it sounds like you are all doing well. As for Honduras it's been a little up and down, we had two baptisms that fell through (for reasons that had come to our attention) and had to change the dates to the 8th of May. I was super bummed about that, but we're still working with them and focusing hard to keep them focused on their goal. The rainy season has started early and without fail we get a down poor at about 2 in the afternoon and then again around 8 at night, and this isn't and wussy Utah rain, this is Central America tropical rain, its like some one is throwing a bucket on us and with all this rain comes these huge flying things!!! I'm not lying they are huge!!! and there all over the place. But along with the rain everything has turned from poop brown to electric green and I love it! It also washes all the garbage and dead things out of the streets! This week we went as a zone and gave service to some members in the area were the sisters work and made stairs for them, it was about a 4 missionary job and there were 14 of us, so it looked a lot like California road construction, but I loved it, we always turn service into a good time. This week on Wednesday we're going to this pueblo called Ojojona (Ohohona for you people that speak English) and making adobe ( that mud stuff they use to make houses out of) for some investigators and I'm super stoked for that! On the first of May we are going to have an activity "pioneer day" the members here know nothing about the history of the church, so me and the other gringo elder are working to fix that problem. Now mom you always ask what you can do to help....well could you send any information, photos, recipes, anything that you can find that we used on trek, and send it to me next week and also send it to this address it's one of the counselors in the ward here, his wife knows English, but anything you can send would be awesome, especially pictures of trek that would be awesome!
Thanks a lot mom for taking care of that money thing, I'm working on being better with my money here, it has proved to be kinda of a problem for me you know how I am, but don't worry it's nothing huge like I don't have food, I just need to learn to manage my money better, as for the facebook thing whatever you feel is good is good for me. Concerning my birthday I need shirts preferably long sleeve shirts I have plenty of short sleeve ones, but my one long sleeved one is not looking so good and also stuff to make musibi!!! spam and seaweed paper and what ever else you would like to send but those things would be awesome! I'm working on getting a letter out of here to you guys soon this week I will get them off. Yes letters from you guys would be awesome I love getting pouch!! n One more thing could you and dad write a letter about how you guys have been able to have such a good marriage for all this time and have dads work buddy translate them and then send them to me and also send the originals in English, we have some less active members who need some help with that!
That was awesome that Max finally gave his first talk, I hope he wasn't too nervous. I have to give one this coming Sunday about how members give references and why we need their help. So I've been working on that. Well I hope all is well for you all, I love you all ¡todos de ustedes son serca a mi corazon! my speaking in Spanish is about as good as it is in English, well i know that it wasn't much but I love you all and thanks for every thing and your support!
Love Elder Paulson