Thursday, January 14, 2010

Christmas package finally came!

January 11, 2010
Hola mi familia!!
Okay so thanks for the pics mom those were awesome to see Trevor, Kaelen and Rem! That’s freaken crazy Addison is already gone a year!!! There’s no way that is already here! Freak! Sorry about the pics but I just got to do what makes me look good! Hahaha! So I got the package it was awesome, but try opening a package filled with candy and having 5 other missionaries surrounding you, ya I had to fight for my life (just to make sure but you guys didn’t send my Ipod did you? Cause if you did I didn’t get it), but that camelback was freaken awesome thanks Miller!) The candy and the beef jerky are almost gone! That’s what happens when you live with 3 other missionaries, your candy and food just disappears. Did you put they videos on the card in the section with the password or just in the normal section? But, ya I was stoked about the package and I did set up the decorations and they are still up in my room, I sleep with the Christmas tree lights on.
So we dropped the family that we had the baptism date with, they weren’t progressing at all, they haven’t been to church. Once they said they studied the scriptures but when we ask them questions about them they don’t know anything!!!!! It’s so frustrating………… but we did pick up a new family this week, a big family of 7 people so we were stoked for that. We are going to be focusing on them much! And we also got a reference from a member for a family that has 15!!!! people in it. We haven’t contacted them yet but we’re going to tomorrow and the member said there were positive so we’re stoked for that! That’’s my mission dream to baptize a huge family like that 15,20 people! We still have the other person with the baptism date, and were working with him.
Today we went to Juticalpa it’s the other city in our zone and went and played fùùtbol there, I’m not going to lie…….. I’m a pretty good fùutbol player! Its not an uncommon thing for me to score a couple of goals, hahaha! but the 6 year old Honduran children still school me! My comp goes home next Monday, he’s freaken super baggy! But he’s also way bummed out! His name is Elder Batres and he’s from El Salvador! I did tell you this, he’s a way good teacher and he helps me out a lot, he’s kinda with his head in the clouds sometimes…….. will leave it at that. So I had my first missionary bathroom experience, I won’t go into details but it was bad, hahahahaha! Well that’s all I got for this week.
I love you guys mucho! Thanks for all your letters and give everyone my love!
Elder Spencer F. Paulson ""THE HULK""

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