Sunday, January 31, 2010

New companion!

January 26, 2010
Hola, Familia
Okay so ill answer your questions first. 1. Please tell me about your new companion. Alright my new comp is freak sweet, he is from Guatamala, he is from a little town there called Jutiapa, he is a freaken cowboy. He has these huge belt buckles he wears and his cowboy boots, he’s told me about some stories about his dad getting in gun fights. He is a way hard worker and he is an awesome teacher. He does not speak English as much as my last comp, he hardly speaks any, but ya he is awesome. I think that we’ll get some baptisms together. 2. Tell me about the branch and what you do there, and the people and if you really like them and that kind of stuff, do the missionaries run the branch or what? Okay so the church in Catacams is a district, there’s two branches here, both with their own branch presidents and there is also a district president kinda like a stake president. There is a lot of people I like here, a lot of families it will be hard to say goodbye to when I leave, but there is also some people I don’t like, like our ward mission leader………… he’s so hard to work with, but I’m trying to get along with him. The missionaries don’t run the place but they help a lot! 3. I noticed that your money in your account is pretty low so we will put some money in there for you to have to spend, I am happy to do that, I want you to have some extra. How does the money from the church work? Thanks mom, I would appreciate it, the money from the church works fine they just deposit it like the first week of every change. If its possible could you deposit it before Thursday I kinda have run out of money I don’t know when they are going to deposit the money for this next change and we have to go to Teguc on Thursday, I need money to travel, they will reimburse us but it’s only just in case they don’t deposit it.
Alright so I hope that answered your questions, so sorry for not writing you yesterday the internet wasn’t working here in Catacamas so we got to do it today. But ya, all is well. We did bless our house after that experience. I was the one that blessed it too. We don’t really have any baptisms lined up but we are working on it. We have contacted a lot of really positive families in this last week so are going to be working with them a lot, along with my new comp the other elder that lives in the house with us and he got a new comp, the new comps name is Elder Huayhua he is from Peru. He is so awkward but he’s awesome too and he makes me laugh so much. But ya not much really else has happened this week besides that, I hope all is well with you guys. How is Kel and Amelia doing, fine I’m sure. I think after this change I’m off to new area…….. will have to see. Give Trevor a hola for me (both Trevor’s). That’s all for this week, I have not gotten any letters yet but I haven’t had a chance to go pick them up from Tegus, but if I have some I’ll get them Thursday. I love you all very much, thanks for your support with every thing, its crazy to think at the end of this change I’ll have 6 months in the mission. WHAT THE FREAK! Hahaha! Well I love you guys and pray for you always, NOSVEMOS!
Love Elder Spencer F. Paulson ""THE HULK""

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