Sunday, March 7, 2010


February 9, 2010
Hola mi familia! I hope all is well with you all. So first yesterday the power was out all day so we couldn’t use the internet but we got permission to use it to day. So the work for this last week went all right we still don’t have any baptisms =( but we are working hard with couple of people who are positive, Pres. Flores has been cracking down on us a lot and our obedience, he’s had a lot of problems with missionaries breaking rules, he’s had to send home 4 missionaries or more. He’s setting up a lot of new rules to stop stuff like this, but me and my comp aren’t having any problems so no need to worry about that, we just got to keep remembering why we are here, and keep that love for the Lord and there’s no problems =). For me personally all is good, no problems with health or anything I am just working and the time goes by really fast, its crazy at the end of this change I’ll have 6 months!!! Already ¼ of my mission, it bums me out that it’s passing so fast! But all I can do is work cause that’s the best thing I can do to not make it a waste of time, the language is coming along good. I do speak always in Spanish with my comp which dose help a lot!
Grandmas birthday party sounds fun! I hope it was fun for her, give them a hug and a kiss for me! I got a letter from Amanda, Caitlin, Elder Park, Marc and Shae! I was stoked! Letters help so much its like a turbo boost. So this last p-day we went to those caves again the same ones but we talked a tour guide into taking us down a part of the caves that they had closed off, there was no light it was awesome. Also this last week I had the chance to eat the Honduran favorite Mondongo (cows stomach and ingestions) that was an enjoyable experience. I’m sending some pictures of the caves and a picture of yesterday. And another one of our last zone conference. Speaking of pictures can you send some to me of just random things like my rugby pictures and stuff like that, just pics of my life before. And pics of recent things, happenings about the house, the fam, the friends, what ever. But I cant think of anything more…….. sorry it was so short. I love you guys I pray for you always. Always remember the lord first and then our lives will be much better!
Love Elder Spencer F. Paulson ""THE HULK""

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