Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ist Baptism in Reynel Funez, Yeah!!

March 1, 2010

¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡JAJAJAJA HOLA mi familia!!!! Alright I need to straighten something out. The area I live in is not actually called Tizatillo, Tizatillo is the name of the Ward I go to. The name of the place I live is called Reynel Funez. I don’t know what you guys have found on Google Earth but I don’t think that’s it……. But then again maybe it is, I don’t know. So for the money from the church we all have a credit card and at the beginning of every change they deposit money and the amount varies on how much we used before. So compared to where we live and where most of our investigators live our house is pretty nice. But it only has running water 2 hours a day. So any real store or bank is about an hour from where we live, same with the internet. Right now we’re in between changes and my comp has left and so I’m companions with our Zone Leader whose comp went home too. So for my new comp I will be getting this week, his name is Elder Lienez from Puerto Cortez, Honduras. He’s big like me, but that is all I know about him for now. So this last Saturday Elder Paulson received his first baptism, it was so awesome I was so stoked and happy, its amazing to see people progress in the gospel. We needed her mom’s signature because she isn’t 18 years of age and we didn’t thing we were going to get it because her mom’s a Jehovas Witness! But she did she sign the papers and after we left their house I was so excited I did one of those football shouts! Jajajaja and now we are working with her family too. We also have 2 more baptisms planned for the 13th of this month. So I got my pants fixed, we have an investigator who is a sewer he has been sewing for 35 years and he uses one of those foot peddle sewing machines and he fixed 3 pairs of pants for just 20 limps that’s less than a dollar! WHAT! Brad is getting married?! WOW!!!! All the other people I expected but him, wow! Tell him congrats for me. My health is good and all is well for me I just keep working and pressing forward……. Oh, mom one thing, can you get Kel or whoever to burn that video I made of that temple trip on to a DVD and send it to me. And also I’m not saying this because I don’t appreciate it but that Johnny lingo DVD you sent is the old version and I can’t change it into Spanish, so if you could send the new one or one of the other ones like the other side of heaven. If you can that is fine but don’t make it a big problem for you. Well that’s all I have for this week. I am glad all is well with you. I love you all, thanks for everything! Love Elder Spencer F. Paulson THE HULK

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