Sunday, April 18, 2010

Working Hard!

HOY SI PAPA!!! March 8, 2010

Como esta mi familia, alright so this week has been a really up and down week. I have had some spiritual difficulties, feeling like I'm working alone and then I have felt a huge burst of the spirit! This week we have had to go to the extremes of our area to find people willing to listen to the gospel. One family we found lives on top of this mountain next to our area and another lives in this river valley on the other side of our area that takes about 20 minutes to hike down to, but I love it every time! We also are teaching the sister of the girl we just baptized last week and she is being super receptive of the teaching, she always has a lot of questions, which is a way good sign of progressing! We had to drop our baptismal dates for this week, they weren’t progressing at all, they aren’t ready and come to find out they kinda believe in apostate gospel! So ya that’s my run down on the work in EL Reynel Funez. Ya, Mom that’s the area, I know exactly where that picture is, but that’s not where I took the photo its closer to the little Fútbol field in the middle of the area and the road that leads in to the area that area that looks like a fancied up community is were we live or maybe they haven’t updated the pictures and its just a dirt field? O and the name of the girl that got baptaized is Mendy Asucena Piñeda Sauceda and shes 17 years old.

So my new comp Elder Lainez, well he is from Puerto Cortez here in Honduras, he is much bigger then most Hondurans but still smaller than me, but he is an awesome comp we get along really well. He is a way good teacher and knows a lot about the scriptures, we have been contacting a lot because the old investigators that the other elders had were quite apostate! And not progressing at all we have had to do a lot of make up work! Tell Max congrats on his basketball and to keep on working!

So in my new zone one of the sister missioners played rugby before her mission haha I never thought I would meet some one that played rugby here let alone a girl haha! I have included a picture of a typical plate of Honduran food, fried plantains, refried beans eggs, with a toping of mantaqia (cream) the only thing its missing is rice but I'm sick of rice and by the way I cooked it too hahaha. Also is a picture of the wildlife that lives in our house with us hahaha that thing was huge, longer then my hand, in the picture you can't really tell, and the other is a picture of me infront of the chapel in Catcamas I don’t know If I sent you one before or not but ya. Well my familia that’s all I got for right now I'm always here working hard and thinking about you guys. The work goes well in Honduras, I love you all, ustedes serca a mi Corazon siempre!!! Gracias para todos!!

Love Elder Spencer F. Paulon

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