Sunday, April 18, 2010

Letter from March 29th, PLEASE WRITE TO ME!

Bueno! March 29, 2010
Alright a little bumbed out this week I only got an email from you mom this week, and a super short one from Elder Williams and that's it, I know you guys all have your busy lives but I only have this one day a week for one hour to hear about whats happening in your lives. I don't want to sound like a jerk, and I'm sorry if I do but plz write me something, I'm sorry if I don't always write back I try I honestly do but I only have an hour and half of that is spent writing the letter to my missoin president, but I promise I will try to write back to you!
So for this week, we had tons of success. We found 18 new investigators and taught tons of lessons and have 3 baptismal dates for the 24th! We had investigators come to church with us for the first time in forever! I know I sounded frustrated last week and I'm sorry but I put my faith in the Lord this week and we did tons better! We also are working with the family of our baptism we had a couple of weeks ago and they are super positive!
So this 27th Elder Paulson completed 7 months, my my how time flys! It really feels like I just got here still! So I got a letter from Kesni this week, he sent me his first place Rocky Mountain Rumble medal and he's going to high school nationals in Virgina, there was a lot of mixed feeling about this, but in the end I am super proud! He has also signed with BYU for football! I'm stoked for him. I have attached pictures for you mom of our house and also there is another one of me and Elder Torres when we were on changes after we climbed this ¡¡¡¡HUGE!!!! hill in his area! But I think I have got in a lot better shape because Honduras is just one big moutain all over the place, we have to walk to lessons up hill both ways in the heat of the day! hahahaha but really I feel I'm in a lot better shape than before, if I could just start eating better, but Hondurans fry everything they eat, they even cook there rice in oil and that's not a lie! They deep fry their eggs! So I cooked that coconut shrimp pasta and made a couple of changes to it and it was delicous! and they loved it. I made a ton of it too! I have been keeping a little book of recipes I think of and also ones that I learn here. I know that it's far away but when I'm not thinking about my work here I think of what I'm going to do with my life after, and I have kinda got it figured out, but I don't know how I'm going to do it, I just know what I want to do. But I guess I will just put my faith in the Lord. I know that he has a plan for me! Well that's all for now I guess I don't have much more. Well like I said at first I would like to hear from you guys, and mom thanks for always writing, I really do appreciate it. All week I think about reading your letter cause I know it well be there for me to read!

siempre orar para usteds y quiro la mejor para usteds!!
Love Elder paulson

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