Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hola mi familia March 22, 2010

Alright so once again it was just another one of those weeks, the work in Reynel has been going kinda slow! People heer are just so !!!!APOSTATE¡¡¡¡It drives me crazy how ingnorant they are! and how spiritualy handicapped they can be!!! I have spent a lot of time this week in prayer asking for patience and to open the hearts of this people to our message! We have like two people that are progressing I guess you can say! One hasnt come to church yet but I know she has felt the spirit she told me she has, and the other has come to church but we haven't been able to teacher her a lesion! and doggonit if we can find a family to teach her! we found a new person to teach yesterday who hasn't been corupted by the blasphamy they teach her and she was very postive in our lesson with her and she wanted us to come back and teach her! So that was one of the uppers for the week and also one of the families here that are members are supper chill and we have dinnner with them on Wednesdays and I'm going to cook for them this week, that's something I have been looking forward to! I miss cooking so much we don't ever have time, we get home always at 9:00 then we have to plan and then after that I have to wash clothes for tomorrow and after that there is no time to do anything! So I have been taking any chance I have to cook! I'm going to cook that coconut shimp pasta for them. Alright mom I talked to our nurse and she said that it would be fine that it won't do any harm to me, I think it left anyways, we fasted for a whole day last week and I think it didn't like that. and as for the pictures of our house I'll get some to you next week i keep forgetting to take pictures of it. I don't carry my camera around here that much, this is kinda of a sketchy place. but I'll get some to you next week of the house. Yes i have been talking with Chance and Kaelen and they are doing good! Kaelen gets to email all day on his p-day that's kinda gay and Chance is doing good! I have included some pictures of Elder Bourne ( our district leader) cleaning the font, and others of us making tortillas at a members house. That's awesome Troys going to Brazil! Tell him congrats for me and to do work. Right now i have started to read the New Testament I'm almost done with Mark, I love the New Testament, I hope you guys started reading Jesus the Christ. Hows Max's basketball doing or what ever he's doing now, tell him to always work hard in school and remember to be spartan always. How's the new job for Kel going? Well I guess thats all this week, all is well here in good old Honduras! I'm loving life and the awesome experiences I have had! Well I love you all and thanks for every thing and your support!

Love Elder Spencer F. Paulson
"The HULK"

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