Sunday, April 18, 2010

On No! I think I have a tape Worm!!!

JAJAJAJA MI Familia March 15, 2010
Alright so this week has been just one of those weeks, nothing really great or new just keep working and having faith in the Lord. I have been on both ends of the spectrum this week, extreme joy and extreme sadness, and a lot of prayer! But I am fine, I have learnd that if I just work that all that goes away! We don't really have any people progressing right now, but we did find 10 new people to teach this week, and our baptism that we had two weeks ago is still going strong, so they are splitting up our ward and where I'm at is now becoming a branch that's gonna be fun! I'll let you know how that gos when it happens.
I don't know why everyone is worrying about my food situation right now, I'm fine. We are fed always by the members and we have money to buy food, all is well in that area, but I do think I have a tape worm. I'm always hungry even after I eat a ton and have these weird stomach pains. I have named him Willard. So i have been getting emails form Kaelen and Chance and they are doing good. The Spanish is coming along like always slowly but surely. I have started reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish cover to cover, and i just finished Jesus the Christ and would like to challenge you guys to read it before I have a year, that's 6 months, I did it in 3, Me and my comp are doing well, we get along great and work hard together, I'm getting use to the smell. I don't know if that's good or not hahahaha. I have seen somethings for the new avatar movie and it makes me supper baggy. Well I didn't have a lot of time today. Give all my love. Hope all is well. I love you all and thanks for everything!
love Elder Spencer F. Paulson

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