Sunday, April 18, 2010

Another Baptism!

Hola! Mi Familia, April 12, 2010
Well here we go, look at that another week down and another transfer coming up! How time flies but it really does, I couldn't believe that it was already another Monday this morning! But I guess when you just put your hand to the plow and don't look back the work just flies by hahahahahaha!

Well this has been quite a week for me! We had another baptism on Sunday moring and then he was confirmed at church the same day. This time we didn't baptize we had a member do it, one that has been working with us a lot and getting ready to serve a mission, it was an awsome experience! The one that got baptized name is Louis, he has 13 years and he's just an awesome little kid. He had been going to church for a month before we started teaching him, I had seen him but I just thought he was one of the members kids! But we had been only teaching him for a week and he wanted to get baptized. Also on Friday the other elders had a wedding for their investigators who were getting ready to get baptized and weren't married (side note people here don't normally get married they just live together and have kids it's actually super hard to get married here, you have to pay a lot and have to have all these papers from where you were born which sometimes people are from the boonies in some other mission, so ya it's just super hard to get people married here and it's a normal part of missionary work here, marrying people), we had it in the church and guess who was in charge of the decorating..... the elders hahahaha it was horrible it looked like a super crappy prom with balloons and ribbons and ya that's about it..... four couples got married and one of the couples when they went to kiss just started making out tongue and all!!!! It was quite awkward. Then the one this Saturday after we had their baptisms, the two couples of our areas were baptized by their dad that was baptized the week before, but there is a small problem, he has a sickness that can been transferred through blood and if it got in the water it could be transferred to someone else. So before we had to wash the font with bleach and then put a whole bottle of bleach in the water for there baptism and so after their baptism the other missionaries had a surprise baptism so we had to drain the font by hand because it drains super slow and it was late so for 2 hours we drained all the waters out of the font with buckets and dumping them into the toilets! Ya that was fun, my back killed after!!! Also this week I cooked again for that family they wanted me to cooked fried rice, which I have never done before..... and I failed!!!!! It was horrible and I felt so bad after because they had bought the rice and I just wasted it and ooooo...... it was just bad!!!! It has also been rainning like no other, there has been rivers in the streets, our house gets flooded!! so ya that's whats happened this week... fun huh? =)

Don't worry mom I'm planning on coming back to SLCC after and finishing up what I can there then going somewhere, I'm super stoked that dad has been getting involved as he has! I'm looking forward to coming back there and helping out the team! Well I don't know what else I got, I told you guys everything that happened this week. I'm still workin hard and going strong and my health is fine. I love being here. I have had some cool experiences! This week I have really felt the hand of the Lord in our work, I'm always so tired at night when we get home and for those last couple of lessons we have and I just barely have the energy to finish them and get home. Sometimes when we say that last prayer I feel all that energy leave and feel that now I can rest. I know the Lord is there holding me up!!! I love you guys and thanks for everything you do and your support, you all are always in my prayers!
Love elder Paulson

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