Sunday, March 7, 2010

New Area!

February 22, 2010
HOY SI PAPA! ¿¿Como esta mi familia? Well let me tell you about Tizatillo ( i don’t know if it’s the same place that you found on Google mom) so it’s not really a pueblo it’s more like a really ghetto suburb of Tegucigalpa. It’s like this little community of people that decided to build their houses on the side of the mountain. Most of the houses here are built of wood, which here is a means they don’’t have a lot of money when I say that I mean poor. But I love it here its not pretty like Catacamas with its green plants, its on top of this wind swept mountain, but there’s a beauty about it that’s completely
different. To the average person it would be the most ugliest place in the world. But I love it, the best description of the place I can give is if you can remember those commercials with some British guy in the middle of some third world country holding or standing next to some child and talking about for just 15 cents you can feed this child, and they show you pictures where the kid lives and all that well that’s what it is kinda like here, but better. For us we live in this gated community at the entrance to the area, and from there we work our way down into the area and then climb back out at the end of the day. Right now we have a baptismal date for the 27th of this month and we are going to make another one tomorrow. People are a lot more accepting to the our message here, they are way more humble. My comp is another elder from Guatemala his name is Elder Chamay and he goes home this next Monday so I’m only with him for 2 weeks but he’s a way good missionary and likes to work hard. He is super short, in one of the pics I’m sending he’s the one on my right. We get along well, there are two areas here we work on one side of the valley and the others on the other side. We don’t live together, it’s just me and my comp in the house which is a big change from living with four missionaries before. I would love to tell you guys why we had to get moved but President doesn’t want us to, he wants to keep it on the down low, but yes it was just something that happened one day, that made President feel it wasn’t safe, it wasn’t an ongoing thing. I’m in the biggest zone in the mission right now but it’s getting split up this change. I’m really liking it here, pray that our baptism goes through! With me every thing has been fine, I don’’t know why but this last two days I kinda have been a little baggy I don’t know why I guess I just miss you guys hahaha! I sent a letter to Emi this week but I put our address on it cause I keep getting returned ones from the address she gave me so when you get it could you get it to her for me. =) that’’s awesome about Kel’s new job, tell him not to blow it for me hahaha! Tell him nice work and also tell him to write me! And the money thing sounds good I don’t think I will be taking out too much right now because we live where there are no banks, hahaha! So an update on the nasty things I have eaten this last week. We kinda have been down on the denero and we haven’t had money to buy milk for cereal, so my comp wiped up some hot sugar water and ate his cereal with it and me being desperate tried it but I didn’t finish it! And also we had dinner with one of the members and they gave us chicken’s feet with just cabbage salad and lemon juice for the dressing, Ya! The whole subject of losing weight, I don’t know I kinda feel like I have. Tell Chance congrats for me on district leader and serving in Wales. I’m kind of jealous but that’s alright, I’m in the best mission in the world! =) Hey tell Kesni congrats for me! And I wish I could have been there for it! =( but also tell him to remember who his master is! Hahaha! Well my familia that’s all I got for this week, I hope it was enough I love you all thanks for all your support. I always pray for you. I love you. Love Elder Spencer F. Paulson THE HULK

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