Sunday, March 7, 2010

February 15, 2010
¡¡Hola mi familia feliz tardes! Alright so lets get started since my last letter a lot has happened! But first…….. happy birthday DAD, wow this is a crazy time is going by so fast your birthday is here and then mine will be then ill have a year here………… hahaha! Well I hope it’s a happy one, thanks for everything DAD. I talk about you a lot here to investigators and members about you serving a mission and I have used both yours and moms testimonies! I think about you guys everyday. But again happy birthday have fun! Alright so for the news, so this last Wednesday we had our interviews with President Flores and they went good and after we talked to us all individually he came out and talked to our district and talked about the potential of Catacamas and that it needs the missionaries there right now, but then after that he told us that me, Elder Gunnell, and Elder Christensen all had emergency changes and we were going to be going to our new areas on Monday (today), so all last week was packing and saying adios to the members and all that fun stuff and right now I’m sitting in my new area with my new comp. I’m now in and area called Tizatillo, it’s a pueblo about thirty minutes outside of Tegus. And my new comp is Elder Chamay from Gautemala. He’s very short like 5’’2 hahaha! I have only been here for about 2 hours now, President Flores felt that Catacamas was to dangerous for gringos so he changed us all out for Latinos, I was way bummed to leave and super bummed to leave my comp! He was awesome! But I am also excited to work in a new area with new people and new members, but I don’t know much about the place right now so I’ll tell you more next week. I’m attaching a picture of me at the top of this random stairs in Catacamas but it’s a good place to see the pueb. So I got the letter from Emi today so it didn’t take that long, tell her that I’ll be sending one as soon as I can. And same for Amanda and Caitlin…… but I didn’t get the letter from Fab?.... but I did get an email to day so all is good. Well all is good with me, I just take stuff head on as it comes and know that it’s the will of the lord and he knows me better then I know my self! I know the Church is true that’s why I’m here so I can share this wonderful blessing of the true gospel with as many people as I can! I love you all thanks for everything and all your support. I love you my familia! Love Elder Spencer F. Paulson

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