Sunday, April 3, 2011

March 14, 2011 - Just like he sends it!!!

alright family....
okay here i am again writing my family another week has gone by and another change over im down to 4 more changes..... the time is getting really short. with the time going by and my mission geting closer to its finish, i think how greatful i am that i have had this apportunity to serve in this awesome work! i have grown and i have had changes in my life, i am still the same person, but with with some modifications. i thank you guys for the support that i have recived from you and your love.
so first of all the changes we got our changes last night, and im leaving the area..... im headed back to my old zone, just in a diffrent area, its called El Popular, its just below my old area La Peña and my new comp is from El Salvador, his name is Elder Perez he has about a year i think? ill be going to my new area this wensday so ill let you know how it is next week. this week we had a baptisam her name is milva. i sent a pic.
well i lvoe you guys im out of time but thanks for all your letters i read them all. i love oyu all a ton.
love elder paulson

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