Sunday, April 3, 2011


Looks like pretty serious bars on that door!!

Could this really be a kitchen that 4 Elders take care of, I am impressed!

March 28, 2011

Alrighty then!!!!!
hola my family i hope that this has been a wonderful week for you all, the week for me went by very fast and its all kind of a blur in my memory, but i am ever so stooked for this week and ready to enjoy 10 full hours of confrence goodness, i feel gidy as the time gets closer!!! i hope you all feel the same way.
well i will start out with the more depressing news this week we had to drop this really awesome family that we have been working with, they didnt come to church on sunday and in the afternoon we found them and asked what happend they said they arent going to go ever.... so we were kind of upset about that but thye have there free will and we cant make them do anything they dont want to.
so this week i got a letter from miss becca brown and from the Bradshaw family. mom could tell them both thanks and give them a hug for me they have been the most faithful write to me my whole mission. i have got a letter from them every month.
so this week your going to see chance..... well i need you to give him a big hug for me and i will need pictures next week so dont forget to do that, tell him good job at doin work! and that i love him
life here in la papular is prity good i realy like living with 4 missionarys in the house it not has boring and we always think of funny things to do. thanks for the package you guys are sending i cant wait for it and see what i get, i really do need that suit and dont worry theres a member here that can tailor it if its to big.
also mom i need you to send my address to amada jolly today through email she has a letter to send me but she dosent have my adress.
well i love you all hope all is well and tha you are all happy. te amo mucho
elder paulson

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