Sunday, June 12, 2011

May 2, 2011


hey there yall, how has this last week been for you? well i am hoping good? this last week has brought my new experiences and new feelings in the mission. we had changes, i got a new comp, the work goes well and i love being a missionary. its sad that the time has to go by so fast!!!! but it does and there is nothing we can do about it.

alright first of all the changes, well i stayed in my old area La Popular but i have gotten my new comp. his name is Elder Weaver, yes he is a gringo my first gringo compainon in the mission and he's only got a month and a half in the mission. he is from Ceder City Utah, I'm with a Utahan for the first time. he's is an awesome companion, probably the best i have had in the mission and he is definitely a better missionary than me, i am learning so much from him, he has such an awesome desire to help people and bring them the truth! and he speaks pretty good spanish for the amount of time he has. we have worked as hard as i have for a long time in the mission because i dont have any one to pull behind me all day, we help each other. i'll send you guys a pic next week.

alright so some more new stuff, along with the changes, came a new calling, i am now a new district leader, i never thought that this would happen i was really humbled about the calling i never expected it. i'm in charge of the work and spiritual progress of 8 elders including myself and in these last 5 days i have been on my knees a lot more than usual so i'm going to need some extra prayers from ya guys. and also, i dont know if you guys remember my first comp in the mtc Elder Hagler, well he is now my new Zone Leader and i'm loving it we live together and we have a good time.

so this week we found a new family that is super awesome, they are married and they don't drink coffee and they are really receptive to the teachings, that other family will be getting married this week or the next depending on some details in the laws here in Honduras. but the work goes well and keeps getting better.

so i'm really glad you guys got the package, it sounded like you guys liked the stuff that was in it, it was kind of a last minute thing so I didn't get all the things i wanted in it, but i'm going to bring you guys most of the stuff back home with me its just to hard to send stuff.

alright mothers day... the last call of the mission, i hope your all excited. so i think i will be doing the pre-call one or 2 days before. i will be calling the home number because its the only one i remember and then you guys can call me. i'm really excited to talk to you all. just be ready for the call. =)

mom thanks for every thing i hope your okay, don't stress out too much about the "whole me coming home thing" it will come when it comes. it's only a few chances you get to have your son in the mission field. te amo
well i love you all , thanks for being awesome!!! te Quiero

Elder paulson

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