Sunday, June 12, 2011

June 6, 2011


hey guys, well i'm really happy this week, not saying that i'm not happy every week it's just that this week was really good!!!!..... we got a lot done and had a lot of success, so for that i'm happy. in your letters it sounds like you are all doing good not much happening in the HOOD but at least you're all well and that's what counts. so there's lots of new things to tell you guys and i'll get right to that.

so first of all the family Gonzalez Amador was finally married!!! after much problems and things that just..... well just made me really angry. but that's all over, we got them married even though we had to wait in a traffic jam 20 miles long for 2 hours when we had to be there at a certain time and then dealing with the people at the place where they got married because there were some papers wrong and the wedding almost didn't happen..... but it did. and then they were baptized on saturday.... well the dad no but the rest of the family si. he hasn't come to church since we have been teaching him but after he saw the baptism he told me that he was coming to church and he did, then after he told me that next week he would be there to so i'm really excited. we are planing on having him baptized the 18th of this month.

okay another thing...... and this one is more kind of a "wow are you serious" type thing. so we got transfers next week, but on saturday i had to go to a meeting and found out that it was a meeting for trainers of new missionaries....... i was like "WHAT, IM TRAINING AGAIN?" and i am.... but not only am i tranning i'm part of a pilot test program that the church is doing for a new type of training program for new missionaries that will start in August, they have had the mission presidentes picking a few of the missionaries that will be training to start using the program so they can see furture problems or stuff like that, and not only is all that happening but i am still going to be a district leader!!!! what... i know i don't know why, i just know it's happening. but it's all good i know the Lord doesn't make mistakes and if he wants me to do all this, i guess it's possible.

well one other thing. this last Thursday we had a leadership training meeting, and at the end Presidente Flores asked if there was some one that wanted him to go work with them that night and i was the first to raise my hand, so from 6:00 in the evning to 9:00 at night we had presidente with us and it was awesome he is such a stud!!! i have learned so much from him in my time here and it has been awesome he taught us some really important things that night and i was really grateful to have him with us.

well i got the package and i'm super stoked for what's inside!!!! thanks a ton for that guys your the best!!!! and also thanks for your love and all that you do for me. i hope all is well that it keeps going well .

with much love

Elder Paulson

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