Sunday, June 12, 2011

May 30, 2011

hello family

okay let me just say how crazy this is.... I have only 3 months left in the mission!!!!! thats so crazy!!! it's going by so fast and i don't know what to do? i'm just trying to live it up as much as i can and i would say you guys should too!!!! it's very few times that you have a son or a brother or a grandson, or etc. in the mission. i'm going to make this last 3 months the best.

so some sad news first...... the baptisms didn't happen... we had problems with marriage papers and all that good stuff but the elder that's in charge of all this in the office said that for sure this week and all will be ready so they will be being married and baptized this weekend. so we are just working to get them ready this week so that all goes well. they are an awesome family and i love them. we have been working really hard to find new people this week so we can start getting them ready for baptism in the month of June but it's been kind of a struggle. but we don't let this kind of stuff get us down.

alright well it sounds like you all had a nice time this week with the family. sounds like all are doing well. and also with Hermana Rodriguez and her family. she is a really nice lady, she washed our clothes for free when i was in that area. and it looks like you made her one of my favorite dishes...... jealous....... but that's okay no worries. i'm glad you guys got to know her and spend some time with her.

so it's been that good old rainy season here in Honduras!!! every day without fail we get a good down poor and it fills the streets and the whole country just shuts down!!!! no one does anything when it raining they just go inside and hide! they stopped working if it's raining they just don't do anything!! but that's okay i love the Hondurans for their crazy ways. they talk with their hands a lot. me and the other elders have been working on figuring out the language and what the hand motions mean. so if when i come home and talk more than normal don't wonder why hahahaha.

well guys that's all i got that's all the new stuff i got this week for you. thanks for everything you do and i love you all for it your the best in the world.

Love elder paulson

sorry no new pics, there just has not been alot of things to take pictures of.

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