Sunday, June 12, 2011

April 18, 2011


well how you guys doing? well i hope? it sounds like you guys have been haveing a good time and that life is going well, and that makes me happy for you all.

well this has been kind of rough week, to some of you it apeared that i am having problems with my comp. and in a way yes but we are not fighting we get along quite well in the friends way, its that he dosent want to do anything he just wants to go through the motions and im the one that has to be pulling him through just so we can get our work done.... and to be honest its very tiring physically and spiritualy and frustrating, im know i have to be strong and that i need to be a good example but its also bugs me that he dosent understand why hes here he dosent want to talk and he dosent really try to be better, now dont get me wrong hes a good guy hes funny and sincere but in the whole missionary aspect of things hes slackin a little. but i just wanted to clear that up so no one thought i wasn't getting along with him, its just a little frustrating and stressful, i kind of feel like a babysitter.

alright now for the good stuff!!!!! so in our house we have 2 water tanks that hold our water so we don't run out of water because i only comes every 3 days. any way these tanks are up on the ruff and one of the pipes broke that fill the tank up. so we had to go up and had to pass the water from one tank to the other with a bucket, so these tanks are on a big sturdy concrete slab but what Hondurans use for roofing is this time of martial that i can best drescribe like sheetrock its not that strong well our neighbors house is built right next to ours so while i was filling up the bucket my foot sleep and and right on to the neighbors ruff well my foot and all my leg up to my crotch went through the neighbors roof!!! and the neighbor was in there doing some ironing, well when this happen i just kind of stayed there hoping that it was a dream, but my comp just started laughing and i didn't wake up.... so it was real, the neighbors weren't mad or anything which was nice. but ya that's my story.

I love you all

elder paulson

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