Sunday, May 29, 2011

April 11, 2011

hey guys
so how are you all doing? well i hope good?! this was a really good week for us we were able to put 4 baptismal dates, " families which are really awesome!!! they are awesome families the only thing is like all the other people in Honduras..... they have to get married, but i guess if we want somthing good we have to fight for it! we are planning on baptizing them the end of this month if all goes well with the whole marriage thing.
So this week I had a really cool experience, a testimony builder, this last few days have been pretty hard for us, I have felt like I have been pullling our companionship along, i had been really stressed out and i felt anxious and i couldn't sleep, this was all happening on thursday night, so before i went to bed i knelt down and started talking to my Father in Heaven and at first i didn't feel anything then i just opened up my heart and told him everything that i felt and that was going wrong, and when i did then i felt this huge weight just lifted off my sholders and i felt at peace, and i could really just relax for a little bit and sleep, that really was a testimony builder for me about the power of prayer.
so about a week ago i was talking to the Garvis´s and told them i was going into culinary arts, well this sunday Elder Garvis showed up with this huge stack of papers and said i have something for you. he had done a bunch of research and found the best culinary school in the world, it was awesome im still reading it.
well as for the school thing i want to go for it, i really want to start right away and get things going so you guys do what you have to do. I'm willing to miss the first few days. and yes i did get the package and thank you it was awesome, and as for the paint, the last blue that was on that and i want the wall that the windows on painted that crimson red.
Well i have to go i love you all.
Elder Paulson

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