Sunday, June 12, 2011

April 25, 2011

hello family

so how are you guys all doing today? good i hope? so that time has come again....yes that's right changes are here. it's true what they say the time does fly, well i will be staying in my current area and will be receiving a new companion. i dont know who he is though because Presidente Flores has come up with a new thing that he's not going to tell the missionaries where they are going until we get to the change meeting. he has started this so there will be no crap talking about the other missionaries. i think it's a good idea and it makes the changes more exciting.

well this week has also brought some sadness this sunday was the last Sunday of the Garvis´s. It was really sad to say good bye to them they have really been awesome. they have been kind of like my little piece of home here in Honduras, they will be leaving tomorrow, they did a lot of things for me Elder Garvis did this big research for me about the best culinary schools in the world and also agricultural schools because i have been thinking about that also along with culinary arts. I'm thinking of ways to do them together. but they have been really awesome, and they said there were gonig to call you when they got back to the states.

So this week we took a trip with the zone leaders to Ojojona its a small tourist town in our zone that's really awesome, we went with them because they had two baptismal interviews and had to do interchanges so that was fun and now we are going back today as a zone to play some FĂștbol (soccer) and buy some cool souviners. so that' s going to be fun.

alright so i have gotten the letters of becca brown and emi and austin and i have sent there reponses so if you could tell them to be looking for them that would be awesome.
well this week we had some really good success, we found an awesome new family to teach they are married(one point for the missionaries), the don't drink coffee(two points for the missionaries) and they have members on both sides of there families and they live right next door to them(3 points for the missionaries) so we are really excited to be working with them and we are still working with the other ones. their marriage date is for the second week of May so we are really working hard to get them to that point so include them in your prayers plz.

sounds like you had a good time in Vegas from the pics you sent me hahahahaha. i am kind of disappointed in my family though for the lack of Easter egg dying!!! =( what will you guys do when i get married and move out?

well i love you guys hope all is well. te amo mucho

elder paulson

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