Sunday, June 12, 2011

May 16, 2011

Hello you guys.

well its another week, i thank you all that wrote me, mom, dad, kel. And to those that haven't..... well ya. thanks for the pixs mom and to dad and kel thanks for the info on kesni. these weeks just keep flyin by and i don't know why. i guess when its somthing you really love doing time just goes a little bit faster. we continue in the work of the Lord in the good ol´ Honduras. it hasn't been the most up week but we don't let stuff get us down.

well first of all i'll tell you about the family we are working with..... well they didn't come to church this week they escaped from us, we went by their house in the morning to get them ready and when we talked to them they said they were going to go. so we said we were going to come back because we had a few other people to go get up and ready, well when we came back the mom had left to "run some errands" and the dad was "sick" so we were kind of put off by that. but after church we went and talked to them and had really good lesson with them.
um other things....... i don't know i'm kind of really out of time i had to fill out a report to the president. and that took up alot of time.

when do you guys think that stuff will get here that your sending me?

this week i had a dream that kel was a missionary, and he was my companion, but he wasn't very obedient.... hahahaa it was really funny to think about.

well i have to stop here i don't have time. i'm so so so sorry its so short. tell chance to write me and tell me who he had the fire with in the backyard

well i love you all

elder paulson

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