Sunday, June 27, 2010

May 17, 2010

Hola mi familia,
Well we had an alright week this week in the work of the Lord, we have been working and focasing on finding people who are really ready to receive the gospel. We had a really low number at church on Sunday, and we don't really have any help from members right now for keeping our converts active so we have been really spread thin in all areas, working with our investigators, working with our converts, getting less actives to church, trying to find un-motivated members to go to lessons with us. Ya, its been a fun time, but I always feel the hand of the Lord holding us up and giving us that little boost we need.
Thanks mom for getting that package off, I'll be watching for it, and no I didn't say anything about a water filter, I haven't really used mine we have been good on water for right now, that was nice of Ronald. It will be hard not to cheat on my package, thanks for the garments. I will be going to buy my shoes today and good thing my Rockports were the last functional pair I had and I put a hole in them yesterday! We are also going to the office today so I can buy some more garmets there to.
Tell Max congrats on that game and to keep doing work. I wrote Austin a big letter this week and I'm putting it in the mail today, there's one coming for you mom and there will be one coming for dad this week too and also Amelia and Kel. I got a ton of emails this week alot from friends i was stoked!
Well there's nothing really new right now, just still doing the same thing I do ever day, I love you guys, thanks for everything and all your support! Thanks mom for everything.

The pictures are of the bus we go to church on!
Love Elder Paulson

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