Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sept. 20, 2010

Alright so this has been a really crazy week for me, it all started out when I started not feeling good one night, then by Tuesday night it was obvious that I was sick, so when we got home that night I took my temperature and it was at about 101. I had muscle pains, joint pains, headache, and a cough. So I called the mission doctor and she told me to start drinking a lot of fluids and take Tylenol and that I had to stay inside and I couldn't leave to work.........I couldn't believe that I couldn't leave to work. I had left to work everyday for a whole year!!!! But I was obedient, the following day I was about the same and had to stay inside but at about 8 started feeling better, so in the morning I felt a lot better, and by the afternoon I was back to normal and was able to go out to work and I was happy. So by the time I was better it was Saturday and time for the baptism of Cristin so we went and got all that ready and got him there. His mom was able to come to the baptism. It was awesome to have her there too. She's been taking the lessons too. It turned out being an awesome experience!!!!
So that was about what my week was, really hectic!!! I got to confirm him on Sunday, it was my first time ever, kinda nervous but I got it done, President Flores has really got us focused in working with families and not with kids. I think it's realy good cause there are missionaries that baptize just to get baptisms. Hey, tell Max to get to work and start being a Spartan and being a leader for his team and tell them to step it up!!! I really miss pie there's no pie here, I would really like some pie.
I was thinking you could just find the songs on the internet then load them on to a thumb drive and send it if you want an idea of what kinda songs, just watch the other side of heaven and listen to the songs on that.
Well I love you all, your the best! Thanks mom for everything! Te amo mucho!
Love, Elder Paulson

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