Sunday, October 10, 2010

Louis and Carmen get baptized!

Sept. 13, 2010

Alright first thing first..... BAPTISM!!!!!!!!! YAHOOOO.. hahahaha but really its awesome, Louis and his wife Carmen were baptized this Saturday the 11th of September. It was an amazing experience to see a new family enter the road to their salvation. They were really ready and they have such a strong testimony, this is the same guy I told you about that shot himself in the leg! Also we still have 2 other people with baptismal dates for this coming week! The work is going very well here for us in Honduras!

I'm sorry I grew up so fast...... hahaha sometimee I think how sweet it would be to go back to playing legos all day! hahaha but this is just part of it all I guess but there's plenty of new experiences and memories to be made so we just take what we get and make the best of it! Alright so maybe Tegus is not the ugliest city but it's up there for sure. If you really want me to I can tell you about all the things we live with like the huge tarantula I found outside my house one day and the scorpions that are all over the place and those camel spiders are here too.... ya there's a lot of that here. hahaha!

Alright about the clothes, yes I did find my sizes. It's pretty easy to when I have dropped down a couple of sizes. I bought 3 shirts 2 belts..... and a new suit.... but its not just any suit, there's a member here that owns a company that makes the suits for the Marriot here so she came to one of our meetings and she took my measurements and I got to pick out the fabric and everything and if I wanted it to fit a certan way and all that, its going to be sick I'll send you pics when I get it, which should be this Saturday. My other one is really big on me now, I feel like I'm swimming in it, and its kinda falling apart.

Well I said what I would like for chirstmas, but you guys do what you would like and I'll be happy one way or the other. YA so a little bummed about the whole you guys going to sushi......I haven't even seen a roll of sushi for a whole year, but it's all good no worries. I hope you all had fun. Alright so I'm sending pics this time but I need some pics too. Send some of those last family pics we took, I really want those.

Well that's all I have for now. I love you all, thanks for everything mom, you are the best. I got the best family in the world. Te amo mucho.
Your son, Elder Paulson

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