Sunday, October 10, 2010

Funny Story!!!

Sept. 6, 2010

Alright familia!!!!

First mom I didn't mean to make you think that I felt bad about the whole money thing, but thank you for the money I'm really down on shirts right now, you and dad are the best!!!! and the G-parents too!!!! I couldn't ask for a better family!!! I love you all!! So I'm going to go buy some shirts today becuse I only have like 6 I think. And I'm looking for someone that can fix my pants because I'm getting the wholly holes in the crouch! Alright about the pictures, so I found out that they are not completely erased, I just got to figure out how to restore them. but they are still there, but I have been saving my pics on my thumb drive that I have, so no worries but it's getting kinda full!!! So if you guys could include one in the next package that would be awesome.

Well I'm not going to lie mom, this is one of the uglist cities in the world I'm sure!! hahahaha but I like it in some sort of a way.......? but yes it rains everyday all the time, it comes, it goes and then comes again!!. but it makes it cooler so im not complaining. Yes I have more then one pair of shoes, i just need to get them fixed and I'll be good. So don't worry about that. Yes I love those hero posters and I would love more. If there's one of David and Goliath that would be awesome! and if those little ones aren't too expensive that would be cool to give to some of the kids here. So I have been thinking about the Christmas package too and what I really want is that you can take the money that you would use to send all that and buy all that put it aside ( same for my birthday) so that when I get home we can go buy new clothes and all that good stuff that I will need when I get home. I just want a few little thing for Christmas, like if you could find hymns and church songs in Samoan or Tongan, and also one of those oil holders that looks like the horns they have in the temple those thing would be awesome!

Thanks for the football update and tell Lindsey congrats for me! So just want to tell you whats going on with the work, we have 3 investigators with a baptismal date 1 family (Louis & Carmen Gomez) they are super positive. Funny story, Louis works for a security guard company and carries a gun, well he came right from work on Sunday to church with all his stuff which includes his gun, well long story short he shot himself in the leg...... it was kinda scary at first but then it got funny because he didn't want to go to the hospital.... hahahaha . The other is Christan he's 13 but he's super smart and we have a ton of other people that are so close to a date.

Well that's all I got for the week . I love you all so much and thanks for everything!!!!! te amo mucho

Your son, Elder Paulson

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