Sunday, October 10, 2010


Sept. 27, 2010

Hola mi Familia,
I have to say that I loved all the letters I got this week, I also got three letters in the mail from Shae and Tina, Becca Brown, and Austin, tell them all thanks for me and I'll get a letter off to them as soon as I get a free minute. Mom....... jealous about the mountains and thanks for the pics, I will say Honduras is all just one BIG mountain but it's pretty ugly, not like our pretty Utah Rocky Mountains, when people ask me if I miss home I say yes, I miss home and I tell them I miss the mountains. Tell Max congrats on the football game and tell him to keep it up. Dad I'm stoked to hear about how the rugby team is doing those jerseys sound SICK!!!!! I'll need lots of pics and info about the game!!!! Miller & Kel dudeskies, don't go to the Cayman Islands, come here to Honduras!!!!! Roatan or Utila, I'm serious they are ten times better!!!!!! I have read all about them, they are amazing!!!
Well this has really been a good week for us in the work, we got transfers this week and.......... I'm staying where I'm at andddddd my comp is staying too, we were happy we really work well together and get along. We were able to put 3 baptismal dates in this last week, and this week we're putting another one with this family that we are teaching, we're super stoked, we invited them to come to church this week, and we were sitting there in the chapel waitng for them and they didn't come until the last minute, I was so HAPPY!!!!!!
I just wanted to share something I learned this week, my eyes really were opend up, we were at a members house, and she was telling us about some financial problems that they are having, I thought about all the people that have told me about their problems, with not having money or work and that they might lose their houses, and I felt the appreciation for what I have. I see how and where people live here, I have been in their homes and I have eaten at their tables(that's if they had a table), they have shared their struggles with me and what their families are going through at the moment. And i think about my home back in Utah where I have a washer and dryer, cable T.V., air conditioning, heat, hot water at the touch of my fingers, and many, many more things. The mission really has opened my eyes to this kinda stuff, every morning when I'm standing outside in the open air on our back patio in THE NUDE!!!!! about to pour freezing cold water all over my body to "take a shower" I think of all the times I would sit in the bathroom just letting the hot water run...... and all the times I wouldn't appreciate things like that. I think that I will never make that same mistake.
Well, that's all I have for this week. I love you all, thanks for being the awesome family you are. TE AMO MUCHO!!!
Love, Elder Paulson

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