Sunday, July 25, 2010

Not sure about the birds on Elder Paulson's shoulder, but he loves the creatures of Honduras so I had to share them! This is the family that he has been working with, Roberto, Patricia, Gabriela, Dago, and I am not sure about the smallest child's name.

July 12, 2010

Well hello to another change,
So this will be the first letter you will be getting from my 7th change in the mission!!! It feels like time has gone by so fast, and I feel that I only have so short of a time to be a part of this work! Well I got my new comp last week, I'm still in the same place. My new comp is Elder Eslava from..... Peru, this will be my second companion from Peru.I have already learned a lot from him he is an amazing teacher and I think that we are going to be really good friends.
So this last week we didn't have any baptisms, we put a couple dates, but we will see how they go. We're still having problems with that family that we baptized the week before, the mother in law is causing a lot of problems, she didn't want them to get married..... and it's just a big mess. We are going to have to go fix another problem they are having! But i know that if they just focus in on the things of the gospel they wouldn't be having these problems.
So we have had some big changes in the world wide mission organization, every 6 weeks we would have zone conferences and also interviews with the President, but now everything is happening every three months! That's a long time, they are really putting a lot more confidence in the missionaries now! It's alot more honor system. There's been a BIG!!! problem here in Honduras with Dengue fever ( I think that's how you spell it) it's carried around by the mosquitos, and people are dying from it. We now sleep with mosquito nets that the mission gave us and there's been a lot of stuff going on in the church to prevent it, and in the mission. but I'm not worried, I know the Lord will protect us, and if we just follow the rules of how to stay safe will be fine.
Thanks mom for sharing that with me, I have always considered you my friend and I don't know what our relationship would be like without that part of it. I'm super bummed that you didn't get my letter, it was an awesome letter but I'll write another one like it, I think I saved a copy of it. Well a few crazy things I have eaten..... cow stomach, chicken feet, this little fruit called nanci ( they call it the cherry's evil twin),they make homemade pork rindes here but I like them. It's mostly just rice and beans with fried platanos.
Right now I'm reading this talk that my comp has called the "The Atonment of Jesus Christ" it's amazing. I have learned so much from it, it was written by and Elder Skousen I think, I'm sure you could find it on the internet, but you guys should really read it.
Well I did get garments but shirts no, but I need your guys help, I need to pay for that family that got married and it's like 30 bucks or something like that do you think you guys could help me. Also mom I have seen those hero pictures, if you could find some and send them to me that would be awesome, the walls of our house are pretty bare, and if you could send a another picture of Jesus Christ like what you sent for christmas that would be awesome, but mom I'm grateful always for what you guys do for me, I love you all and hope all is well.
Love your son, Elder Paulson
P.S. to Max
Hey Bro, hows it going? I just wanted to write you and say... WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!!!!???? Dude you have to play football! It's obivous you are not going to wrestle, but you have to play football, you have so much potential! You could be amazing if you keep going and working your butt off in football, you could be better then me!!! But think about that!

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