Sunday, July 4, 2010

Birthday package finally arrives! Yeah, only 7 weeks to get there!
Dressed for rain, not the whimpy Utah rain!
No words to explain this photo!
June 28, 2010

Hello to another week!
Alright, first I'm sorry I didn't write yesterday, we had to go to the office and go to emigration to take out my identification and go through all that fun stuff! So, ya that's why i didn't write yesterday.
So this last week was a good week, that family is still progressing, they still haven't been married. We are still waiting on some papers that we need, but we are hoping and praying for this week. Plans are we are going to marry them this week and then baptize them on Sunday, because the sister works everyday of the week so we're hoping for a miracle on that. We have been finding alot of new people this week to teach, which I have been excited for! This month the mission baptized 112 people and this month completes a year for Pres. Flores and from this time last year to now the mission has baptized 1127 people,1127 children of God! Who were lost and have now found their way back home again! Like what Pres. Flores shared with us I feel the same when Ammon rejoices in the Lord ( Alma 26). I have really been focusing on my obedience to the rules of the mission and can truely say that I have felt the spirit of the Lord in work more now!
This week we haven't had that much rain, it rained a lot on Friday to the point of rivers in the streets and the rivers rising to touch the bridges, but that's nothing new here. It has been really humid but I'm kinda just getting used to it ow, there's nothing I really can do to change it so I just live with it. Well that's it for now, I'm out of time I only had a 1/2 hour today because it's not our day to write. Love you all, I'll write more next week.
Thanks for everything mom, I hope you like the pics, love you!!!!
Love your son, Elder Paulson

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