Sunday, July 25, 2010

July 5, 2010

mi familia

First answer: Yes I got my package! hahaha and it was awsome! I loved everything you sent, all that Chinese candy and the spam and sushi and the Reeses. I have to say mom, you did very well on hiding that mp4 player, I didn't even know where it was, I opened those speakers and I said " why did she send me these if she didn't send anything to listen to?" hahaha! But everything was very cool and I loved it all. Yes that Johnny Lingo movie was the same one I had, but it's okay and I was stoked for the Other Side of Heaven but it doesn't have and Spanish settings, but it's okay. I loved it all and I'm more than grateful for you doing all that for me. That mp4 player works just fine. I loved it. I had to share my dingdongs with the district but it was alright.
So word on the work. well we didn't get the "whole" family baptized this week. We did get them married but the mom and one of the kids don't have the attendance at church they need but the dad (Roberto) and his daughter (Gabriela) did get baptized. The mom (Patricia) and the son (Dago) have a date for the 24th of July!!!! hahahaha! The mom was at the baptism of her husband and her daughter and after she came up to us and said she wanted to be baptized with them and she was all bummed out, and the son (who is 8) came up to me and asked when could he be baptized, it was an awesome experience! So they are really fighting for this date, and the cool thing is the dad will be able to baptize them. They got married on Friday. We also are teaching her sister and her boyfriend so we might have to be doing another wedding but I'm not complaining, it's worth it to baptize them.
That was really awesome what Jenny said about Uncle Reed, those things are really true, he really did live like that and we are all better people if we follow his example like that.

Well my comp left for home today so I'll be getting a new one on Wednesday, I don't know who it is but I'll let you know next week. Well I love you all. Thanks for everything. Thanks mom again for all. Té amo mucho!!!
Love your son, Elder Paulson

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