Sunday, August 15, 2010

August 2, 2010

Hola mi familia,

Alright here it goes I will answer your questions first.

1.That short guy is kinda like an adopted son of some members here, they don't know how old he is but he has lived with them forever. His name is Chinito, he does all the work for them, he cuts and carries the wood, he carries the water to their house. He hardly talks and when he's not doing anything he just sits in this chair they have there in their house.

2.Those are the birds of some members in my district leader's area and when I was on splits with him they showed them to us. So i took the opportunity for some sick pics.!!! hahhaha

3. Those guys are all over the place they guard the coke/pepsi trucks, they guard restaurants, grocery stores, banks, and any other place you can think of, all the Chinese restuarant have them. This time they were with an armored turck that was bringing money to the BK.

4. The missionary in the middle is my comp. Elder Eslava, the elder behind me is my DL and the others are just other missionaries. If i had time to tell their specs I would, hahaha!

I hope I answered your questions.

Well first mom I want to tell you sorry I got you all worked up about not getting the letter last week, I really was fine, I have learned to deal with this kind of thing. But as you have all said this month will be my hump day, and I still have a lot of learning to do and I feel like I still just barely got here. It really makes me bummed out when I think of how much time has passed already and I already only have one more year in the service of our Lord!

Well with Patricia and Dago, Dago and his daughter got baptized but Patricia and her other kid did not, she has a problem with work and her boss is a big fat JERK!!!! and wont give her the time off to go to church, people need at least 2 times going to church before they get baptized. Sooooo.... we're still working with her and praying a lot. I'm going to talk to her about quiting her job and putting faith in the Lord that he will help her out.

I know that this wasn't a lot, but I ran out of time, I'll be sending a letter this week to you guys. I have a goal to do that every week. Well, love you guys and hope all is well. I love you all!


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