Sunday, December 26, 2010

Brother and Sister Jarvis

December 20, 2010

Hello family
Alright i loved all your letters and thanks for them i love getting them. looks like you guys had fun at the christmas party, hope you guys didnt miss me too much you all looked bummed out except for kel with his BIG GIDDY SMILE!!!! hahaha and his beard. tell every one hi for me!!!
alright so update on the work, first we have 2 baptismal dates one for this 25th CHRISTMAS and another for the 8th so im really excited for those. we have this really cool investigator named Fransico hes kind of a JW (jehovahs Witness), he accepted to be baptized on the 8Th. i love this guy he really has accepted the gospel. his kinda of crazy along with his family, his dad is a JW full breed and everything but hes really nice. But his family wants to BREED me, like how they breed horses to get the strongest and the best you can get well ya thats what they want to do to me!!! i thought that was really Funny.
So i would really like a hand written response from all of you to that letter you got last week, if mom and dad can you include your Patriarchal Blessing and, Amelia's too plz! i would really like to read them! i have really been reading mine a lot these past few months, to understand it and look for how i can be a better missionary.
so we have transfers this week and me and my comp are staying together in the same area im really glad about that, it wouldnt be fun to have transfers 2 days before christmas. yes i do miss rootbeer!!!! i dont know they just dont have it here, if you could send some i would be ever so grateful!!!!!! and talking about my shoes i am really fine, i dont know what happened in the communication but it really wasnt that bad, but i did buy some really good new shoes as you know mom...... so im really am good it just happens that things just fall apart here really fast but these shoes area really good!!!!
well thats all, i love you all. i am so graetful i have a kick butt awesome family liked you guys!!!! ill talk to you soon!!!
love Elder Paulson

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