Sunday, February 13, 2011

December 27, 2010

FELIZ NAVIDAD (2 days ago)
Well first and for most it was excellent to talk with you guys, it's just really weird talking in English. You all sounded great and I loved hearing your voices. Mom thanks for the pics, just one thing..... what have you done to yourself you're so Skinyyyy............I don't know if i can accept that????.... Just kidding, but really that's really the first picture I have seen of you like that, I don't think I will be able to give you any of those big heavy hugs when I get back. i might break you, but you all looked like you were having fun.
So we had our baptism on Christmas it was really cool, really no one from the ward showed up, I don't know why, just the young women's president and the other missionaries but other than that no one. But it still was a really good baptismal service, the girl we baptized has had a really hard year, her mom died a little bit ago. She has really cried a lot since we started teaching her but i think the gospel has brought a lot of peace into her life. We're going to go visit there tonight and talk about the plan of salvation more.
I hope that you guys were able to do the Christmas stocking to Christ this year, I did one this year and I really thought a lot about what it could be, and I decided on a couple of things, like read the whole standard works of the church including Preach my Gospel and Jesus the Christ which I have started and a few other things.
So about the pants, I think they are 400 limperas i dont really know what the conversion is but I'm sure you could find it. But I don't know now what's more important, because I'm pretty sure my camera just got stolen here while I have been here writing to you.
Well I love you guys, thanks for everything. Hope all is well. TE AMO MUCHO!!!!!
Elder Paulson

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