Sunday, February 13, 2011

January 31, 2011

Hello family,
Well sounds like you guys have been having a good time this weekend with the whole fam damily. It all sounds like it's going good back home! I don't know why Uncle Hal and Aunt Pam are worried about the Gparents..... I'm pretty sure they are going to make it to the second coming!!!! I'm pretty sure grandpa is one of the 3 Nephites. Yes, the knife I lost was the sheath knife.
So we did have our baptism this weekend and it was AWESOME!!! This family is so cool. they have been some of my best converts, they came to church the sunday after their baptism looking like they had been members their whole lives!!! The only thing was when we were confirming the sister, in the middle of the confirmation she raised her arms up, like they do in those holy roller churches!!!! I had to kinda not laugh, but I was so happy to see them get baptized, this Tuesday we are going to teach them about temples and get them preparing for the temple so they can go one year from now when they are getting the temple done here!!!
Alright so this is the week of transfers, we got our new assignments last night. I'm staying in the area and my "Son" is going. I'm getting a missionary from Panama. I don't know who he is, but I ave heard he is really cool. He's got like 10 month I think???? But not sure, but I really am excited to get a new comp, it's always a new experience that I like.
So the work in the area is getting a lot better, it keeps getting better everyday!! We have started working in this little pueblo that's part of our area called Mateo. We have been having some good success in that area! We have found some new families and they are really positive, but we have run into some problems that might make their progression a lot harder, the dad is married to one lady but is living with another and they are not divorced. But we are working on it and will see what we can do!
Mom I like the painting my room idea, but what color are you thinking???? It's got to be a cool color, not like some kind of plain white. But ya I like the idea. So just let me know what color you're thinking.
Well I think that's all I got. I cant think of anything else to say!!! I'm sending that package with that guy this week so he should be getting ahold of you sometime soon. Well I love you all and thanks for everything! and for all your support. TE AMO MUCHO!!!
Love, Elder Paulson

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