Sunday, February 13, 2011

February 7, 2011

Alright Familia how's it going?
So this is a new week and new weeks bring new experiences. We just had changes this last week and I received a new comp! I had to say goodbye to my "son" which was kind of sad, but I like getting new comps, it's always a fun experience. My new comp is from Panama from a little pueblo called Chitré, his name is Elder Solis, he's really cool, kinda of crazy but I like that, he's always smiling!!! and we are always joking around, but we have a really good connection and in this half week we have been together I have had some of the best lessons in my whole mission! He's really small I think the smallest of all my comps I have had. His suit case is about as big as he is. I'm really excited to be working with him.
This has been kind of a slow week for the work not that things are not going good, just that I have been helping my comp get to know the area and the members. But we have had some success, we were able to but a baptismal date this week and we have another one that is super ready. So I'm sure as he gets in the rutin of things we well be lighting fires around here. Recently we have been working in this area called Mateo and we have been having a lot of success, it's about a 45 minute bus ride from our area, it's a little pueblo but it's really nice it's up in the moutains and has all these pine trees and rivers, I love it....I miss the mountains and the snow. But not much more time I guess, it's really crazy how fast time is going by. I have mixed feeling about it, one part I'm happy because I will get to see all you guys again and my friends, but there is no other time in my life that will be like this! Not even if i got called to be a member of the seventy or an apostle. These 2 years will be the only of there kind in my whole life! But I can't make time go backwards so I'm just working as hard as I can and doing the best I can to not have any regrets.
Mom I need you to help me with something, I have sent some letters to a few people and I want to know if they have gotten them, and if they have I need you tell them for me that I am waiting for them to write here are the people:
1. Beca Brown
2. Meera Worsley
3. Amanda Jolley
4. Fab (katlin Fabrisio)
And i have just sent some more to Austin and Emi and Scott Higbee. I have sent the one for Scott to your house so be looking for that one.
Well I love you guys, I hope all is well, thanks for writing me Amelia, if i makes you feel better you don't look 30. So be happy,your only old if you think your old! Well I love you all. ADIOS

Love, Elder Paulson

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