Sunday, February 13, 2011

January 10, 2011

Hello family
Well another week has come and gone, time seems to just disappear sometimes. this really has been a down week for us, I don't know what we are doing wrong or what we need to do more better, we try everyday to be better missionaries. I just hope this new week will bring lots of new investigators and new spirits.
So I'm still working on getting some pants, I called the lady and she said she won't have any material until February because of the big Christmas sales and all the demand they had in December, but there is a store here where I can get a good pair of pants for pretty cheap, like 300.00 limps. Thanks for all your help with that it's just hard here because when things start to fall apart it happens really fast.
So this is the week that we will get to see and listen to Elder Ballard. I just thinks it´s kinda funny how as missionaries we our enthusiasium raises to the level of someone going to a rock concert, to go listen to some old guy talk about the gospel. I love being a missionary!!! I just wonder if we should be excited or worried for what he's going to talk about, in the sense that he might chew us out. But I'm still stoked ether way.
So mom last week you asked about what book I was reading, sorry I didn't respond. Right now I'm reading Jesus the Christ again, and I'm stil learning a bunch, I invite you guys to read that book, it might be hard to understand but you will gane a much greater appreciation for our Savior Jesus Christ. well I would like to give you guys just a little update on what's going on with our investigators. Right now we have 3 families we are teaching, they all 3 are really postive and progressing, but also have a lot of problems, and are really working hard to keep them progressing but we don't have a lot of support from the members, and that's the second most important thing in missionary work, right behind the spirit, I just want to make a side note and invite you guys to help in whatever way you can with the missionaries. Dad I don't know how it is in the stake but maybe you could sign up to go working with them, I don't know but just find ways to help them they need it.
Just one last thing I would really like a copy of your patriartical blessings mom and dad and if it's okay with Miller hers too thanks.
Well I love you guys thanks for everything I love you all!!!
Love your son, Elder Paulson

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