Sunday, December 5, 2010

November 22, 2010

Well I truly enjoyed all of your letters this day, Dad I laughed a lot at your description of David Nielson and his snow blower, I really need a laugh like that!!!! That's awesome about Bingham taken state! If you see Kesni tell him nice job, and also to Max I didn't know he had gotten that huge!!!! But I'm sure he still knows whose the boss!!! hahaahaha We'll see, I have lost so much muscle since I have been here. and now the sad part.......Thanksgiving, I will dearly (tear), I will not know the delicious taste of a large leg of turkey this year or the savory creamy green bean casserole, and the pie, oh! how I miss the pie, apple, pumpkin, lemon, and the always favorite rubarb........... (more tears).
Well after I wrote last week I thought I didn't tell them about my son at all. So I'll tell you now. His name is Elder Sian he's from Guatamala City, Guatamala. He is super smart, he has 3 years under his belt in medical school and he's an awesome missionary. He's kinda quiet though and we don't really have a lot in common but we get along really well. Alright so my area, its right by the airport, it's to the west of the airport like I said it's really ghetto in some parts in others not so much but we have been able to find some really positive investigators this last week, one of the best is this family of Jehovah witnesses/Catholics/ no religion at all, but they have been really kind to us and listen to our message so we'll see where that goes. Alright now the next thing I'm going to tell you is so you can truly know that Heavenly Father watches over his missionaries and I don't want anyone freaking out and calling president and asking if I'm alright because yes I'm FINE! (MOM). So the other night we were standing outside a members house waiting for him so he could go and leave with us to teach, while we were waiting these 2 guys come walking down the walk way and stop behind us and just kind of stand there and look at us for a minute, then one of them pulls out a gun and tells us to give them our cell phones, hahaaha I just looked at him and told him we don't have cell phones, they kinda looked taken back but they checked our pockets and seeing that we didn't have any they left, well a minute later they come back and ask whats in our bags. They take our bags and start looking through them, well they went through the one of my comps, because they couldn't figure our how to open mine, hahahaa and through all this I didn't feel nothing of fear or anything, well they figured out we didn't have anything they wanted so they took off and didn't come back. Once again don't freak out!!! I'm fine but I thought you would like to know.
Well that's all i have for this week. I love you all, thanks for every thing. TE AMO MUCHO!!!!
Love Elder Paulson

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